Saturday, May 31, 2008 anyone out there?

Well I thought I should tell my side of the story.....

I can't wait till camp next week (thanks Sandra). I am trying to pack, fun!

However before camp I have my Nana's funeral on Wednesday. Am I gonna do a reading or be a pallbearer? Dunno, have to decide tonight tho. Still have to explain it to Nicola too, that should be fun, NOT! Are we gonna go & see the body? Do we take the kids to see her? Fun, fun, fun. Anyway poor Nana was very sick & in pain so it is best for everyone, especially her, that she has gone.

Isn't my baby beautiful!!!!! Not that she's really a baby anymore, she's a big 4 year old! She really loved my Nana, they were kindred spirits. Must find a nice pic of Daniel.

I am finding this packing for camp a bit frustrating! I want to scrap, but half my stuff is packed & the rest is a mess on my desk. I am feeling a bit guilty about leaving hubby with the kids for 4 days..............I will have to make it up to him somehow ;-)
Well bye for now.........

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