Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mmmmmmmmm............contented sigh...........

I feel good.......I just got back from seeing Sex & the City 2 at the movies. I was the only one in the whole theatre!!!! I had a bit of cabin fever after being stuck at home with the sick kids. I wanted to be with them, but they drove me crazy at the same time. Nicola is a much easier patient than Daniel. He gets 'man-flu' he groans & moans & has to sit on my lap & have me stroke his forehead, etc. Where as Nicola takes her medicine & goes to bed! So Scott got home early today & I went to the movies all by myself! It was great, I feel so much better having just sat there for over 2 hours watching these ridiculous women on the screen. The fashion was insane, I mean mega high heel in the desert or to sit in your apartment & watch TV?? Some of the outfits were great others hideous, but that is to be expected. I really related to the drunken chat the two mothers had :) I have the best husband in the world!!! ....contented sigh.......

Saturday, July 17, 2010

As requested.....

Whilst on holiday in New Plymouth Shona & I managed to get quite a bit of scrapping done. However I didn't take heaps so I got alot of LO's half done. I have done the titles, journalling etc now.
Yes I know he just turned 10, I am only 2 years behind, hehe.Pete & Shona helped me get the font for the title on this LO of my Cabbage Patch Kid when I was about 10.They had things that we had sold out of in the big smoke so I had fun. This LO is mostly from a $5 pack of Christina Re from Warehouse Stationary. Another LO from a $5 Christina Re pack. I really like how this one has come out, it's a bit different for me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holiday Time!!!

For those of you that are interested the eyes are good. They still get a little tired & scratchy late in the evenings, but otherwise ok. I have gotten used to not looking for them in the morning, but still often go to take them off at night.
I am very stressed about the new guy at work. He has addmitted to lying about how much experience he has. He doesn't know the latest version of Vector Works like he said he did. Sigh.......It will be interesting to hear how he coped this week without me.
But I don't care I am on holiday!!!!!!
We have come down to New Plymouth to visit Pete, Shona & kids for the first week of the holidays. The kids are all getting on really well (most of the time). Daniel did the holiday programme at the local zoo, Poukai, being a zoo keeper for a day. He really enjoyed it. They got to feed the monkeys & sit in the Tiger Den while the tigers were right outside the gate. His favourite bit was holding the Blue Tongued lizard. They took heaps of photos which I shall upload when we get home.
Nicola & Elizabeth did a mosaic class at Fairy's Britches today. They enjoyed that & made heaps of craft.
Ok, off to have dinner now.....