Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fire Station, Birthday Party & Shopping!!

Nicola's Pippins went to the Fire Station on Tuesday. It was really interesting, I have never been to one before either. She was a bit shy, climbing on me, etc & wouldn't try on the helmet like other kids did, but she still had fun playing with her friends. I learnt some interesting information too, like the fact that we have two of the calender boys at our local station (January & March) We didn't have any shortage of parent helpers either, almost as many adults as kids, hehe. Our local station does not have a pole being a one storey building, however one of the Firemen used to work in another station that did have a pole..... I said DID, OSH came in & deemed it unsafe & made them remove it!!! LOL!!!!!!!
We had Nicola's birthday party last night. It went really well apart from a few minor hic-ups. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We went to the kids favourite restaurant, Lone Star in Manukau. They love it because they have colouring in competitions while you are waiting for your food to arrive. Nicola keeps wining vouchers for free kids meals with her pictures, she gets very excited. She was easy to please this year, long may it last. She wanted dinner at Lone Star with her 3 best friends & a pink 'big' bike. She wanted her 'daycare' cake which is the easiest cake ever. We had fun dying marshmallows for the eyes oh her 'smile' cake. I am surprised at how well they dyed (you must use straight die tho, don't water it down)The kids stayed at mum & dad's on Friday night cos Scott had a work do on in town that I was invited to. I didn't have to be there until 9 so I went shopping all by myself. It was wonderful! No one nagging or being bored. I sent 2 hours trying on heaps of bra's & ended up finding one I liked, so I bought 2! The shops were really quiet which was a bit odd, but I had a lovely time, sigh.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our baby is 6!!!!!

Today is Nicola's 6th birthday. Wow my baby is growing up so fast. Apparently we are to call her Princess Pinkie-Pie Nicola, hehe. I finally finished her 5 year old party album & gave it to her today. She wanted to hold it for the photos.May has been a very busy month. Nicola got a bad cold & required 3 days off school. Then, of'course, mum & dad got sick but we had to keep going to work. Daniel had school camp the following week but seemed to not get sick. I figured he was to excited to get sick. I can't tell you anything about camp except that we got a call saying he was sick & did we want him to come home early. Scott talked to Daniel & he wanted to stay so he did. But when I picked him up from the bus he had no voice & had been sleeping with the parents/teachers & being dosed up on Pamol. The only thing he said was "It was ok, can we go home now?" He has said nothing else.
This past weekend I went away for the weekend, SCRAPBOOKNG!! It was only us 5 girls & we had a great time scraping, talking, & eating. I got heaps done including finishing Nicola's birthday album as above, the drawers for my second advent calender & the start of a couple of LO's. I will post them once they are finished.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day

was yesterday. I didn't get much scrapping done. I am still working on that LO that I had ideas for at work & it is coming along well, but slowly.
Nicola went on a class trip to Motat last week. She had such a great time & was telling me about this big black steam engine when I remembered these pics of Scott & I before we were married. So Nicola took them to school to show everyone how old Motat was! The world's fastest LO for National Scrapbooking day!