Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Summer Hockey.....

So have you noticed I have been rather quiet on this subject lately? Well....they have lost the last 2 games! The funny thing is I think the parents are more upset than the kids, lol. They don't seem to mind at all, but us parents are getting frustrated at how uncommitted & unenthusiastic they are. Daniel still want to play every week, but misses having a practise as well as a game. He saved 4 goals (playing goalie) this week, so that was good as we have always been a bit bad on defence. So I told him that Scott had to go to a dinner cos he was nominated for an award the other night & Daniel asked if he would get a medal if he won. I said no, probably nothing but a certificate & shake of the hand. i said the only time adults get medals is in the Olympics & he said that was ok cos he is gonna be in the Black Sticks! What an awesome life goal! I said "go for it!"
Update on Scott. He is back at work full time & has finally figured out the stupid blood machine to check his INR levels at home. He is getting alot more active, but still not really up to kayaking (although he wishes he was!) Thanks for everyone's thoughts and payers through our difficult time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homemade Smiley Pizza

So my BFF is sick & went into hospital for surgery yesterday; so I looked after 2 of her kids so that her hubby could visit her. Their kids & ours are great friends, in fact Nicola & Jude are married (one of the older kids at school married them apparently) To keep them occupied & distracted we made home made pizza's for dinner. The kids had heaps of fun making the dough (thanks Shona for the recipe) & then decorating them. We made 2, one for the big kids & 1 for the little kids. Here are the little kids with their creation.And this is closeup of there smiley pizza. (Big kids didn't want a photo)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another 1!

Nicola just helped me finish this page that I started over the weekend. She does like to sleep in funny places!

Sketchbook Retreat

The weekend was FABULOUS as usual!! Lianne's canvas class was really enjoyable, so much so I have started to make 3! I haven't finished with the photo transfers on the first one & the third only has its paint on it, but this is the second one. It is a pressie for my girlfriend (don't think she checks my blog) When she told me her son said this I just had to capture it for her (she is not a scrapbooker) I am sure everyone (except the kids) thought I was mad making them pose in the elevator at Borders, but I probably am! This Lo is from the Crafty Tart goodie bag. The paper is Bo Bunny & I LOVE Bo Bunny atm, it is so cute! I used some glass sprinkle thingies on the trees (thanks Heidi) Not a very exciting Lo, but hey,
I am at home with Nicola for the second day in a row, poor thing has a high temp & threw up in our bed this morning. She seems to be getting better as she has had lunch today. Scott is staying home tomorrow if she isn't well enough to go to school.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sketchbook Retreat this weekend!!!!

Hmm, when do you think I should start packing? I am thinking Friday afternoon? or do you think Thursday night? I have my costume organised, but that's about it. Poor Scott has a busy day on Sunday with the kids on Sunday, 2 parties to go to! (He is so excited)
Daniel had his third game of summer Hockey this afternoon & guess what? they won! Is this getting boring....NOPE!