Sunday, May 20, 2012

More work on Blythe number 1

My first go at lip carving.  Basically get a small file & scrape.  I did have difficulty with symmetry, especially the nostrils. I took kept referring back to the photo of the finished lips I wanted to achieve.  I am thinking of adding teeth. I haven't been able to find much information on this. I wasn't sure if they are carved as well or added somehow. From what I can gather vampire teeth are carved into the lip, normal teeth are added later, modeled out of Fimo, so I am going to give that a go. 
To remove the eyes from inside the eye lids you have to "carefully unclip the white arc"  It was really tricky, but I got there eventually.  I did not continue & takes eyes apart as I did not see the reason. I 'boggled' the eyelids. I painted the eyelids white with the boys War Hammer paint, then coated them in tacky glue & dipped them in glitter.  Then I coated them in dimensional magic to keep the glitter on.  Removing the eyelashes was easy, just dampen & pull.  I replaced them new ones from the $2 shop, much better.  Second pair of handmade eye chips inserted.  My new wigs are on there way here...yay ebay again. 
In other news. We are rearranging the kids rooms.  Nicola wants a rainbow room, so this weekend we did some DIY art.  The first one is from Pinterest- melted crayons.  They are just Warehouse crayons.  I took the wrappers off as I was worried about them burning.  Mine isn't as neat as the original, but I still think it is cool. The second one needs her name written across the pink stripe still.  The third is Nicola's art about where rainbows come from.  The fourth is a t-shirt we made using the die I bought at Scotties the other week.  Nicola's design, mum just behind the needle, hehe.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My first custom eyechips

Vanilla was the first to have open head surgery.  I used the tutorial here.  It was not to hard to get her head open, but I did need some man help to press hard enough on the ears to unclip one side of the back plate.  I used long nosed pliers to unhook the spring as I found the tweezers kept slipping. The eye chips came out on the end of a glue stick just like they said they would. 
This is the new eyechip I bought.  I did not know that the pupil was part of the chip, I thought the pupil was part of the eye socket or something. Ok the truth is I didn't really think about the pupil until I took the old chips out & looked at the new ones.  These chips have really large pupils compared to the stock chips.  By the way ebay is awesome!! I got the dolls & the chips from ebay.  As I am a scrapbooker I am trying to use things I already have to customise my girls. My husband & son are both into War Hammer so I used their paint & brushes too.  So here are my first custom painted chips.  They aren't perfect, but not bad for a first go (I think). 

Last night I tried to die her hair.  I used Dylon multipurpose with heaps of salt, but it barely held any colour when I rinsed it out.  But I have decided it is to short to do the hairstyle I want so will have to buy a new wig anyway. Ebay or Esty...hmmmmm.....
I have decided I am using my blog to keep track of my progress of their customisation for now.  I am sure i will get back to scrapping when i need a break.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's finally here!!!!!
My first Blythe dolls!!!!

 Meet Chocolate & Vanilla

First Impressions: Their arms & legs are made from much softer plastic than I expected. Feet don't hold pointy shape like a Barbie.  The shoes are far to big, they keep falling off.  Earings are dumb too, studs are good tho.  I hate the dresses, but they wont be in them for long.  I bought 3 pairs of eye chips with the dolls so I can change them, I am not keen on the orange.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello everyone in Blogland

So I haven't been here for awhile.  Actually been pretty busy, some stuff I don't want to talk about, some I just can't be bothered.  I have found I prefer the instant gratification & two way conversations on Facebook  lately to me talking to myself on here. I usually use my blog to showcase my work; lately it has been either been gifts, OTP projects still not completed or work I feel is crap; so not been doing that. Or I use my blog as my diary, but FB timeline is pretty good at that ATM & I am scrapping pics soon after I take them so don't need this to record my journalling for me.  So the major things happening lately have been very personal & not really stuff I want to share with the whole world, all 7 of you.  So maybe I should take requests? Do you want to know my mental state? My LO's? My new hobby? My family? Anything else? Or shall I disappear from blogland?