Friday, May 11, 2012

My first custom eyechips

Vanilla was the first to have open head surgery.  I used the tutorial here.  It was not to hard to get her head open, but I did need some man help to press hard enough on the ears to unclip one side of the back plate.  I used long nosed pliers to unhook the spring as I found the tweezers kept slipping. The eye chips came out on the end of a glue stick just like they said they would. 
This is the new eyechip I bought.  I did not know that the pupil was part of the chip, I thought the pupil was part of the eye socket or something. Ok the truth is I didn't really think about the pupil until I took the old chips out & looked at the new ones.  These chips have really large pupils compared to the stock chips.  By the way ebay is awesome!! I got the dolls & the chips from ebay.  As I am a scrapbooker I am trying to use things I already have to customise my girls. My husband & son are both into War Hammer so I used their paint & brushes too.  So here are my first custom painted chips.  They aren't perfect, but not bad for a first go (I think). 

Last night I tried to die her hair.  I used Dylon multipurpose with heaps of salt, but it barely held any colour when I rinsed it out.  But I have decided it is to short to do the hairstyle I want so will have to buy a new wig anyway. Ebay or Esty...hmmmmm.....
I have decided I am using my blog to keep track of my progress of their customisation for now.  I am sure i will get back to scrapping when i need a break.

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