Friday, December 28, 2012

End of year wrap up

 I have been making Xmas pressies lately, hence why I was so quiet on here.
I made the Creeper wall art at camp earlier this year.  The light shade was more difficult, not many square light shades available.  Daniel is very happy with his 'new' green room.
We got Nicola a Furby for Xmas & I made her a 'doll suitcase' for it (& her iPod  to live in.  It took ages to make, but she is happy.

We also got her rings for the swing-set "the best present ever"  She got a certificate for consistent effort at gym this year.  She also got a certificate at school prize giving for academic achievement which we weren't expecting, she is  so clever!
Daniel also decided to save his best for last, producing work that blew the teacher away on the last day at school when it was to late to count!  He directed,edited, produced & was camera man for Xmas production for his area (about 90-100 kids).  He does like telling other people what to do, hehe.
I have been very tired & over worked for the last few months.  I have not had the energy or inspiration to do any scrapbooking, but i am hoping that over the Xmas holidays I will get some energy back.  I want to scrap, but it just feels like work ATM.