Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally got my Christmas present...

.....Sure Cuts A Lot!!!!! I have been dying to get this programme for ages as I am frustrated by the limitations on the Cricut Design Studio Software. I friend put me on to this amazing blog which I have been downloading files from for ages even tho I was unable to cut them yet. So I finally downloaded it the other day & cut this cool oval frame. I used my alcohol inks to give it that mottled effect. The photo is of me & my little bro & had an oval fade mark around it from years in a frame so I made my oval the same size. The felt bird & branch I bought ages ago & we so expensive I have had it sitting in my stash for ages!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is school back yet? Please!

Life's been a bit of a headache this week. I left it to the last minute to try & organise something for the kids this week. Our usual holiday programme isn't running for some reason. They are all so expensive, like $100 per day per child!!!! Some of them wouldn't take Nicola & others wouldn't take Daniel, because of their age differences, Daniel is now a Senior, whereas Nicola is still a Junior so requires a higher adult to child ratio. I finally got them into one that is only $25 per day per child.When I turned up on the Monday to drop them off, they told me I had talked to the wrong person & they were already fully booked!!!!!!!! So they could take Daniel for the whole week, but not Nicola. Thankfully Nad's came to the rescue & Nicola could go there. Next week isn't looking good either. A lot of programmes don't run cos some schools are back (like mums) but ours doesn't go back till Thursday.
I have finally finished making Nicolas new blinds & they are much better than her old curtains, easier behind the bunk. They are a beautiful pink taffeta with sequins along the bottom. A pic you ask? Well the rest of her room is a bomb site so no pic atm. They didn't end up the way I wanted them, but they are still nice.
We went for a walk along the beach last night. It was beautiful. Nicola swam, Daniel was grumpy, Scott got eaten by sea lice! But it was weird standing there in the sea, in the sunshine & on the horizon we could see & hear a thunder storm! Where we were there was hardly a breath of wind & no clouds in the sky, but I rushed home & got washing off line, but it never made it to us.
I have started working on Nicola's mini album for her 5th birthday again. Hopefully it will be done by the 6th!! I made this really cute shaker box.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to work again...

It's been a busy week.
We went to New Plymouth to visit friends last weekend. The kids had both had sleep over on Thursday night so I thought they would sleep most of the the way, but Nicola only slept for about 20 minutes & Daniel read his book the whole way! We stopped in Te Kuiti for a stretch & Nicola saw Popa & Uncle Gary sitting on a bench having a stretch too. I can't believe she spotted them, it's not like we knew they would be there. They were on their way back from a motorcycle tour of the South Island. New Plymouth was cool, literally, much colder than Auckland. I felt bad I hadn't packed warmer clothes for the kids but they didn't seem to mind. We went up the mountain, looked at the lake, went to the local scrapbooking shop Jackies, went to the Light Festival in Pukekura Park, had dinner on the shore under the wind wand, went to Brooklands Zoo for lunch (it's free!!!), & lazed around. The kids loved rowing the boats in the lake at Pukekura Park with Uncle Peter while we waited for it to get dark, they even wanted to go out again later. The Lights were cool! The kids loved it, especially the way daddy shoe laces glowed in the black lights area (more pics on Scott's blog). Of course I had to go to the local scrapbooking shop & I even found things I NEEDED to buy, hehe. I got some paper & some alcohol ink mixatives (pearl & copper) which Crafty Tart is out of stock. The 'boys' (Scott & Pete) got rather involved with attempting to modify some 'Nerf' guns to remove the child safe parts & make them super-charged, then they spent the rest of the weekend target practising on flies! It was really good to catch up with Peter, Shona & the girls again.
We came hone on Sunday night (again the children didn't sleep for the 5 hour trip) We went to Miranda Hot Springs with Evan, Hanne, Gran & Grandad. They have done up the pools since the last time we have been there & it is quiet nice. Nicola learnt to swim without her floaties while we were there! We are so proud of her. She loves her Uncle Evan & spent the whole time with him, it was so cute.
Unfortunately I had to go back to work on Wednesday, but Scott was a home with the kids. He has started repainting the house, it's very exciting! It looks so nice. I don't know who names the colours the windows are 'Self Destruct', weatherboards ' half Norsewood', & door is 'Terrible Billy', lol!!!!
Evan & Hanne have gone back to Denmark on Thursday, Scott & the kids went to see them off at the airport while I was at work. It was really good seeing them again & we shall miss them.
In between all of this I got a few LO's done, sewed 3 kids handbags & made 1 for me.
This is a metal vanity case I bought ages ago thinking it would make a nice evening handbag, big enough for lipstick, money, cellphone, sunnies, etc, but not all the junk I normally carry around. I put Basic Grey & Kaiser rubons on it, then Kaiser & Zva Creative bling, black kindyglitz, satin & other ribbons. I Dimensional Magic the whole thing so that the rubons wouldn't rub off & so that things wouldn't stink to the sticky bits between the bling. I wrapped the metal handle with satin ribbon & tied bows at each end. I think it's cool, although a bit difficult to open in hurry.Nicola loves her soft toy animals, but not cats & dogs like other kids, she likes tigers, cheetahs, lions, giraffe, elephants, etc. I wanted to get her one of those animals in a bag for Christmas, but it wasn't quiet her thing so I set out to make her something. I could also see that a hand held bag would get put sown & lost so thought a satchel type bag would be better. This is what I came up with. I had to make one for her best friend also cos they are 'twins'. She is very happy with it & now one of her friends comes with us everywhere. i made another 1 as well thinking I would have them done in time for Xmas & sell it, what do u think?I finally used some of that lovely Bo Bunny paper I bought awhile ago, I love it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It started with a BANG!

2010 that is. Evan & Hanne came over for dinner then we put the kids to bed for a few hours. We woke them up at 11pm & went into the CBD to watch the fireworks off the Sky Tower at midnight. The kids really enjoyed being out that late at midnight, a very special treat for them. Mummy was a bit nervous about having them out with all the crazy people on New Year's Eve I was wondering what sights I might have to explain to them. Luckily we only encountered some bad language & people peeing in inappropriate places (they didn't notice that). Nicola had the time of her life being passed between her uncle & dad with her feet hardly touching the ground all night. Daniel just cuddled up on my lap trying to keep out of the breeze. I couldn't believe how many people were at the viaduct to welcome in the new year, it was amazing.
New Years day started with a sleep-in!!! What a great way to start the year!!! Then had a lazy day.
Yesterday Scott went fishing on his kayak in the morning & me & the kids hit the shops! I got some really good Xmas scrapbooking bargains from Spotlight; $56 worth of stuff for $14!!! I was looking for some stuff to finish making the bag I was supposed to have made for Nicola & Bronte for Xmas but didn't get around to it. Unfortunately they didn't have stuff I need at Spotlight or Warehouse & Specialty stores weren't open so we will have to wait till Tuesday :-( It's a bit annoying cos I have got sewing stuff everywhere but I don't wanna pack it away just to get it out again, but I might loose my enthusiasm before Tuesday, hehe.
Today was spent with Scott fishing again, this time in his friends tinnie. The kids & i went visiting & then came home for a swim. Had friends for take-aways for dinner & another swim. What an awesome summer!!