Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is school back yet? Please!

Life's been a bit of a headache this week. I left it to the last minute to try & organise something for the kids this week. Our usual holiday programme isn't running for some reason. They are all so expensive, like $100 per day per child!!!! Some of them wouldn't take Nicola & others wouldn't take Daniel, because of their age differences, Daniel is now a Senior, whereas Nicola is still a Junior so requires a higher adult to child ratio. I finally got them into one that is only $25 per day per child.When I turned up on the Monday to drop them off, they told me I had talked to the wrong person & they were already fully booked!!!!!!!! So they could take Daniel for the whole week, but not Nicola. Thankfully Nad's came to the rescue & Nicola could go there. Next week isn't looking good either. A lot of programmes don't run cos some schools are back (like mums) but ours doesn't go back till Thursday.
I have finally finished making Nicolas new blinds & they are much better than her old curtains, easier behind the bunk. They are a beautiful pink taffeta with sequins along the bottom. A pic you ask? Well the rest of her room is a bomb site so no pic atm. They didn't end up the way I wanted them, but they are still nice.
We went for a walk along the beach last night. It was beautiful. Nicola swam, Daniel was grumpy, Scott got eaten by sea lice! But it was weird standing there in the sea, in the sunshine & on the horizon we could see & hear a thunder storm! Where we were there was hardly a breath of wind & no clouds in the sky, but I rushed home & got washing off line, but it never made it to us.
I have started working on Nicola's mini album for her 5th birthday again. Hopefully it will be done by the 6th!! I made this really cute shaker box.

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