Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Christmas

It's only a month late........ I ordered some stuff from Crafty Tart & it arrived today. The kids were excited by the box, but I told them it was mums Christmas finally, LOL! So I got a Big Bite & some really cool Basic Grey Rub-Ons. So excited by the Big Bite, haven't used eyelets for ages cos they are a pain (& noisy to set). I had to go to the garage were there is a concrete floor otherwise it took forever on the desk to set them. So does anyone have something to punch??????

Monday, January 26, 2009

What a wonderful weekend....

Scott & I had a wonderful, lazy Saturday as the kids went to church & then out 4 lunch with Nana & Popa. They came home at 6pm for a swim & BBQ. We also had Michael, Adele & baby Peter over which was nice. Nicola just loves 'her' baby Peter!!!

I finished the photos from the ferry the other day & am pleased with the result.

On Sunday we went to pick up Nicola's new bunk bed that we got for her from trademe. It took Scott & I the rest of the day to put it together, but it is so awesome & she loves it. It has a desk, drawers, bed on top & trundler underneath. But her favourite bit is the wardrobe behind it which she calls her hiding hole.

Today we went for a day trip to Snells Beach to visit friends. It was picture perfect weather again! & we went to the beach for awhile. I EVEN SWAM!!!!!!!! I can't remember the last time I swam in the sea, but it was so warm & the kids were having a ball. Nicola was swimming with me & Daniel was having a go at kayaking. There was only 1 capsize which was caused by Daniel trying to stand up while Dad was rowing!!! Poor Nicola just about drowned, but she was fine after a mummy cuddle.

Finally took pics of the calender I made 4 work & the LO I did ages ago of my grumpy boy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I like this 1...

I am really happy with this LO. I used texture paste for the first time (on frame & letters) then rubbed over with metallic rub-ons. Think it looks really cool. I played with the photo in Photoshop using different textures for the little pics.
Considering the original photo had someone pulling funny face in it, I thin it came up well. This is a closer view of texture on frame.

I have been daydreaming, you know, what would you do if you won Lotto, etc. I wanna go here>>>>It is a church in France called Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp. It was designed the late French/Swiss architect Le Corbusier in 1954-6. It has these amazing stained glass windows set ino walls up to 7 feet thick! Doesn't it look amazing?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ferry Ride

The kids have been wanting to go on a ferry ride for ages, Nicola always wanted to go with daddy to work. So we thought we would take them to Devonport for lunch. They both enjoyed the ride, but thought it was too short, well wwe didn't know if they would love it or hate it, so we didn't wanna spend a couple of hours with sea sick kids going to a further island. Nicola & her 'baby' loved being out in the wind, they were so cute.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy New Year everyone. Late again I know, but we had no babysitters so were in bed, asleep by 11pm, LOL! However Scott got up early & took some lovely shots of the sunrise, see his blog.
Daniel is crazy about penguins at the moment, so look what I did to my kids, LOL! They think it is great & I am gonna make them into a soft toy each too (sometime) Thanks to Danice for the snowflake paper, I didn't buy any cos I thought I would never use it, but.......

I finally did my smurf LO. It took ages cutting all the tiny things out, but I am pleased with the result.