Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Christmas

It's only a month late........ I ordered some stuff from Crafty Tart & it arrived today. The kids were excited by the box, but I told them it was mums Christmas finally, LOL! So I got a Big Bite & some really cool Basic Grey Rub-Ons. So excited by the Big Bite, haven't used eyelets for ages cos they are a pain (& noisy to set). I had to go to the garage were there is a concrete floor otherwise it took forever on the desk to set them. So does anyone have something to punch??????


Kelly said...

....does anyone have anything to punch?

I don't think I'm allowed to say publicly what I'd like punched this very second.... but the invitation gave me a chuckle so that is just as good :)

Melissa said...

hey, I just got the Making Memories paper trimmer from CT. My daughter quite upset she never gets any parcels. :-( poor little thing. Anyway, actually went over to their warehouse in the weekend. It was just like SB retreat, all that stuff in quite a small space. I think she just got a fair bit in her last shipment so exciting to see new stuff! Saw you won a prize too at NZ SB class. Lucky!