Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sketchbook Sketch Challenge

I did the latest challenge on Sketchbook, haven't done 1 for ages. These are the pics from when Daniel & his friend went for an outing on Super Uncle Gary & Di's boat with Nana & Popa. They had a great time 'buscuiting' much to every one's surprise. I did embossing UTEE on the waves, haven't done any of that 4 awhile & I read a really good tip about using the heat gun UNDER the paper so that it doesn't blow half the stuff away, now why hadn't I thought of that myself?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jazz today

I took pics of Nicola at Jazz today. Isn't she cute! Although I am wondering what I am gonna to with all the scrapbooking ballet stuff I have collected!!!!! Trademe maybe?

Danice & I have just been for a quick visit to Papakura. The scrapbooking shop there is closing down so they have 40% off all stock. I got a few things......some really cool big eyelets to use with my big-bite (woohoo) & lots of bling! I also got a proper glass mat, rather than using glass from a picture frame. It was sooooooo busy that half the shop was just a que for the till by the time we left!

Yesterday I decided to clean the pantry! Shocking I know! It took me about 4 hours to empty it (including the shelves) & clean it. I washed all the containers out, & reorganised everything so that now the kids food is on the bottom shelves. I took a photo cos it might never be this tidy again! hehe

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yay! It's stopped raining!

It's supposed to be summer!!!!!!!!
We got Nicola's uniform for Jazz this week. OMG!!!!!! $161!!!!! I just about had a heart attack!!!!! & then we we got to class apparently it isn't compulsory for the under 5's! Oh well, done now & she does look so cute. I will take a pic this week.
Scott & I had a lovely nigh tout last night. We went for dinner with some friends to a restaurant on Princess Wharf - 'y-not' Why not? the service was slow, Scott's tuna was over cooked, the chocolate cake tasted like microwave instant pud & it was REALLY expensive!!!! However we still had a nice time = good company. Then we went for a boogie at Danny Douglins....... did I mention I had to buy new shoes? Well I didn't have any that go with my dress, honestly! But new shoes at Dannys is not a good idea, I kept being pushed & jostled (normal for Dannys) but my shoes didn't like the un-even, wet floor. But they are so pretty.....
Poor Nicola had a bit of an accident, somehow she managed to get the hook of her umbrella handle stuck in her mouth. It cut under her tongue & there was soooooo much blood & screaming. Doctor says she is ok; but she is, understandably, having dificulty eating. Poor baby :-(

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top Gear Rules!

It's been a busy weekend.

Firstly we went to Top Gear Live on Friday night. It was awesome. I spent the evening drooling over spunky Richard Hammond & Greg Murphy. I was so close to the Hamster I could see his 'crows feet' around his eyes, hehe. The driving skills of there guys was amazing. They even played car soccer with 3 Suizuki Swifts each side. The hand break turns, drifts, etc were mind boggling!!! The number of times they almost hit each other, my heart was in my mouth often. However my lungs were full of smoke from the burning tyres........
Then we had a leaving do for one of Scotts work mates.
Then we had a room in the Heritage Hotel. Valentines Day was
our 18th anniversary of being together. We haven't been to a hotel since before the kids were born, 9 years ago!!! It was lovely to sleep in air conditioned comfort knowing we weren't gonna be woken up at the crack of dawn by the kids. However somebody decided to play the piano i the atruium in the wee hours (about 7am) and woke me up!!!!! Think we should have got a discount for that! LOL
Look at what my wonderful husband got me!!!! YAY I finally have an ipod. I hate those silly headphones that come with it, they give me a head-ache. I'm so excting I am curretly downloading songs onto it, the first bill is gonna be huge! I wonder how long it will take me to fill it????

Scrapbooking......the first LO is my take on a NZS class we went to a couple of weeks ago. Mine is very different, but so ME! I have been meanng to do a LO about my car for ages cos I love it.

Finally.....we had Daniel's registation for hockey this morning, not that anything starts until May. He is very excited as you can see, so now we have both kids counting down til May.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Queen & Co

Ain't it cute? I want 1!!!!! or 2 or 3 or 4 or............ Anyway, new stuff from America. Dunno how long it will take to get down here to little old us (or how much it will cost with the exchange rate!!) but when it does I think I will have to get 1 of these cute little buckets. They have heaps of other new stuff to, if you wanna check them out click here.