Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jazz today

I took pics of Nicola at Jazz today. Isn't she cute! Although I am wondering what I am gonna to with all the scrapbooking ballet stuff I have collected!!!!! Trademe maybe?

Danice & I have just been for a quick visit to Papakura. The scrapbooking shop there is closing down so they have 40% off all stock. I got a few things......some really cool big eyelets to use with my big-bite (woohoo) & lots of bling! I also got a proper glass mat, rather than using glass from a picture frame. It was sooooooo busy that half the shop was just a que for the till by the time we left!

Yesterday I decided to clean the pantry! Shocking I know! It took me about 4 hours to empty it (including the shelves) & clean it. I washed all the containers out, & reorganised everything so that now the kids food is on the bottom shelves. I took a photo cos it might never be this tidy again! hehe

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