Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yay!!! The concrete was laid today!!!!
So here it is waiting for the concrete guys to arrive at 7:30am!!! Yes 7:30!!! So I was up & dressed so we could watch. They still hadn't arrived when we left for school & work.

But they arrived just after we got home so we could still watch. The kids just about died when they saw the fake tarantilas on the side of the concrete truck, they thought they were real, hehe. This is the first barrow load of concrete!!!!

Nicola, the builder & I watched the concrete men at work. It was quiet amazing how acurate they were & how level & smooth it was. Unskilled labour - my ass!

Almost finished, but they ran out of concrete so they hand mixed the extra barrow, or 2, that they needed.
Then they came back at 7:30pm to do another smooth thingy (& remove cats foot prints) Dunno how we are gonna keep the cat off it tonight......

Friday, August 27, 2010

I did some scrapping!!

Are you as excited as I am? Prima & Making Memories paper, Prima Vines, handmade roses from the Kaiser blog, handmade dahlias from Kaiser blog, ribbon, Heidi Grace rubons, bling, diamond dust, glitter, dimensional magic, silk flowers from the warhorse (I am so classy) .......the list goes on. It was fun learning how to make the flowers :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4

Plumber has been!!!!! We had to move the plumbing wastes from the upstairs bathroom to the other wall so we could cut out our new door. before.......
After......We came home yesterday from school/work to a house full of dust. It was hanging in the air & every surface is covered in it. The reason for the dust? our new study/laundry door was being cut out. Before.......
After......Hiccup number 1........There is supposed to be a 50mm step between the new & old floors (like in this pic of bedroom doorway) However as pic above, there is no step in laundry/study door. This is cos the original garage slab is not flat :( So the builder & I have been trying to figure out what we can do. The council wanted us to rip the whole floor out & relay it!!!!!!! We are already over budget!!!! That would add at least $5k & put us back at least a week. So we have a solution, it in not ideal, but is ok. We are going to have 50mm step/ramp up into new laundry. This will keep everyone happy & not cost us any more.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1 of Renovations......

We finished clearing out he garage & moved Daniel up stairs over the weekend. The kids are now sharing a room (this should be interesting) We bought our carpet at the Hills flooring sale over the weekend, which was good. we still need lino, tile & a vanity, but we still have time for them. This is the last night my car spent in the Chinese laundry/garage.
So today started fine with the kids & me being ready for work/school early. However when I went to take them to school the garage door spring broke; broke, not came off or anything fixable. The kids walked to school in the rain, but I was stuck! I waited for the builder to come & help me. He had to break the rest of the door to get my car out & I was late for work, but at least I was out We were very lucky that it was today & not last week or anything. The builder wasn't gonna take it off today, but sometime this week, so no biggie. But then I slammed my little finger in the car door, oooooowwwww!!!!! It really hurts. So not really a good start to the day/week.
At the end of day 1 the builders have ripped up the old carpet, taken the garage door off & taken some of the bricks down. Its really exciting!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

busy weekend

Daniel got player of the day on Saturday! They let him keep his raincoat on cos it is team colours & he was goalie, which is his preferred position. He deflected every attempt at goal. I think he got POTD cos they were so shocked compared to last weeks performance (he was sent home 3/4 way through game cos he was just standing there, hehe)
The builder turned up to finish the shower & some subbies came past to give him quotes.
Daniel had his (very late) birthday sleep over with 4 of his best friends. They were pretty good really, played very nicely together. We did have to separate them around midnight cos they talk so loudly we weren't getting any sleep.
We have finished tidying out the garage & laundry, ready for the builder. We also replaced the ensuite shower door & ripped out the old vanity. When we took the vanity out we found that the gib board does not go all the way to the floor & there was a pile of rubble under it, sigh, Tony strikes again. We bought the network cables & bedside lights today. We have been looking at tiles too. It is all getting exciting now......

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time flys when u r having fun :)

Wow a year ago tomorrow we were in hospital waiting for Scott's surgery. We were not allowed to go out for our anniversary & they kicked me out at 9pm :( He is all good now. He has lost heaps of weight & has never been fitter or healthier. 14 years ago we were excited about getting married tomorrow. Wow 14 years! So because last year was a bit of a bust we thought we might do something this year. So he got me just what I wanted, something sparkly & shiny......he got himself, I mean I got him, a new computer monitor.
My Pizza LO got declined from UP2 Scrap so I thought I would share it with you instead. The kids love turning the pizza to reveal the pic & remembering that funny day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Been at bit stressed lately

whole lot of stuff going on... but the good news is that we have our permit for our alterations & the builder is starting in a few weeks! We have been tidying & sorting. Daniel & Nicola will be sharing a room while they are being done, then the big swapping will begin. We can't wait!!! Nicola & I have even started stripping wallpaper down stairs :)
We found this baby Pixi Pic of Daniel in a box while we were tidying. Yes that is a Prima flower, but I made the pearl swirl thingy myself cos I wanted them that colour. Both of the frame papers are Xmas paper, I am trying to use them in non Xmas ways.

This frame is a SCAL that I made from a scanned pic. It can out really well I think. But I feel like the LO needs something else, if you have any suggestions please tell me. This photo is from Pipins, the girls all made flowers for mothers day :)

Daniel helped me choose the colours for this LO. It is SCAL file from SVG cuts.com, Memory Garden. I bought them awhile ago but hadn't had time to use them. When it was finished Daniel said he likes my LO even better than the original I was copying from :) I have trained him well.

Yes that is me! It was taken in '88 when we went on a family holiday to Surfers paradise in Oz. I was so excited when I got this pic taken. I am proud of myself for making the boarder star SCAL myself from individual stars.