Monday, August 9, 2010

Time flys when u r having fun :)

Wow a year ago tomorrow we were in hospital waiting for Scott's surgery. We were not allowed to go out for our anniversary & they kicked me out at 9pm :( He is all good now. He has lost heaps of weight & has never been fitter or healthier. 14 years ago we were excited about getting married tomorrow. Wow 14 years! So because last year was a bit of a bust we thought we might do something this year. So he got me just what I wanted, something sparkly & shiny......he got himself, I mean I got him, a new computer monitor.
My Pizza LO got declined from UP2 Scrap so I thought I would share it with you instead. The kids love turning the pizza to reveal the pic & remembering that funny day.

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Teresa said...

what a great idea for a layout!
Just dropping in to thank you for participating in the Twiddleybitz blog hop, and especially for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.