Sunday, August 15, 2010

busy weekend

Daniel got player of the day on Saturday! They let him keep his raincoat on cos it is team colours & he was goalie, which is his preferred position. He deflected every attempt at goal. I think he got POTD cos they were so shocked compared to last weeks performance (he was sent home 3/4 way through game cos he was just standing there, hehe)
The builder turned up to finish the shower & some subbies came past to give him quotes.
Daniel had his (very late) birthday sleep over with 4 of his best friends. They were pretty good really, played very nicely together. We did have to separate them around midnight cos they talk so loudly we weren't getting any sleep.
We have finished tidying out the garage & laundry, ready for the builder. We also replaced the ensuite shower door & ripped out the old vanity. When we took the vanity out we found that the gib board does not go all the way to the floor & there was a pile of rubble under it, sigh, Tony strikes again. We bought the network cables & bedside lights today. We have been looking at tiles too. It is all getting exciting now......

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