Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1 of Renovations......

We finished clearing out he garage & moved Daniel up stairs over the weekend. The kids are now sharing a room (this should be interesting) We bought our carpet at the Hills flooring sale over the weekend, which was good. we still need lino, tile & a vanity, but we still have time for them. This is the last night my car spent in the Chinese laundry/garage.
So today started fine with the kids & me being ready for work/school early. However when I went to take them to school the garage door spring broke; broke, not came off or anything fixable. The kids walked to school in the rain, but I was stuck! I waited for the builder to come & help me. He had to break the rest of the door to get my car out & I was late for work, but at least I was out We were very lucky that it was today & not last week or anything. The builder wasn't gonna take it off today, but sometime this week, so no biggie. But then I slammed my little finger in the car door, oooooowwwww!!!!! It really hurts. So not really a good start to the day/week.
At the end of day 1 the builders have ripped up the old carpet, taken the garage door off & taken some of the bricks down. Its really exciting!!

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