Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yay!!! The concrete was laid today!!!!
So here it is waiting for the concrete guys to arrive at 7:30am!!! Yes 7:30!!! So I was up & dressed so we could watch. They still hadn't arrived when we left for school & work.

But they arrived just after we got home so we could still watch. The kids just about died when they saw the fake tarantilas on the side of the concrete truck, they thought they were real, hehe. This is the first barrow load of concrete!!!!

Nicola, the builder & I watched the concrete men at work. It was quiet amazing how acurate they were & how level & smooth it was. Unskilled labour - my ass!

Almost finished, but they ran out of concrete so they hand mixed the extra barrow, or 2, that they needed.
Then they came back at 7:30pm to do another smooth thingy (& remove cats foot prints) Dunno how we are gonna keep the cat off it tonight......

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