Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 5 - Track & Field - Camping, Thomson Style

So this Layout is supposed to be about an outdoor adventure. Scott saw Nicola watching TV in the lounge & said that that woud be perfect for the challenge, how right he was. This is just our family, LOL. Why would you want to venture outside when you can sit inside with carpet under your bum & no rain on you & watch TV from the comfort of your tent? I really like how this one came out, my favourite to date. However it was also VERY expensive!!!! I didn't have the right piece of paper so went to Spotlight to see what I could find & I went a little crazy! I got woden dooor hangers for the kids to paint on holiday next week & a clipboard for me to make; paper; & heaps of bling! The bird & butterflies we cut out of flocked paper that I have had for ages, but didn't know what to do with. There are 10 tiny ladybug stickers for you to find on the LO. I am so glad it wasn't the decatholon tho cos I have counted over 40 elements!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 4 Swimming

This was a ticky one for me as I don't really get the whole transperancy trend at the moment. I have been known to use it for journalling sometimes & that is what I was planning to do on this LO. However it printed in the wrong place so I but it back thru the printer & nothing came out!!!!! Opps!!!!! Scott had to pull appart the whole thing & cut the transperancy from the roller thingy that it had melted around, now all our printing has a line on it. So lesson for the week, don't put a warm transperancy thru your laser printer, it wont come out again! Journalling reads: "We'll all be planning that route; We're gonna take real soon; We're waxing down our surfboards; We can't wait for noon; We'll all be gone for the summer; We're on surfari to stay; Tell mummy we're surfing; Surfin' all day." (sing to Surfin' U.S.A. by Beach Boys tune)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have the best husband in the whole world!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!! Scott got us Kylie tickets!!!! & it has already sold out (they have announced another concert). Woohooo!!!! Kylie is sooooo cool.

Week three, decathalon, done. We were only allowed 10 elements. Mine were: red cardstock, blue paint, bling hearts, photo, pigs (because he is giving her a 'piggy-back'), word strip, quote, black ink, journalling, chipboard. Journalling reads: "Nicola loves being carried around, but she is getting really heavy. Scott carries her on his shoulders, but I usually give her a piggy-back. One day I didn't feel like carrying her so I told her to ask daniel. I was only joking! "Look Mum" "Don't drop her!" Can you imagine the look on my face? My boy is getting so strong. "

Right off to find all my Kylie CD's.......

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It's only a month early, what's your point? I wanted a small point & shoot camera that fits in my handbag for when we are out & about. Like the other day the kids were being really cute at the dentist & well I don't carry the SLR with me all the time. So a tiny camera would be good. Harvey Norman had them on special and I wanted it before we go on holiday to Napier. Of'course I HAD to have a pink one!!!! Got a cute little pink bag for it too. Just waiting for the battery to charge now.........

Week two of Olympics done. It was Gymnastics = ribbons & swirls/florishes, etc. Not as happy with this one as last weeks, but still I got another wedding layout done.

Week 3 is Decathalon. Maximum of 10 elements. Daniel complained that the first two entries weren't of him so this one is the kids, can't say anything else until the big reveal on Tuesday, except that I like this one.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm lonely......................

(sigh) All alone at work this week (sigh)
Boss is in Fiji (sigh)
Anyone out there?............... (sigh)
Oh well, can go home & work on my next 'Olympic' layout in a few hours, yay!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Love this Flashback!!!