Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have the best husband in the whole world!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!! Scott got us Kylie tickets!!!! & it has already sold out (they have announced another concert). Woohooo!!!! Kylie is sooooo cool.

Week three, decathalon, done. We were only allowed 10 elements. Mine were: red cardstock, blue paint, bling hearts, photo, pigs (because he is giving her a 'piggy-back'), word strip, quote, black ink, journalling, chipboard. Journalling reads: "Nicola loves being carried around, but she is getting really heavy. Scott carries her on his shoulders, but I usually give her a piggy-back. One day I didn't feel like carrying her so I told her to ask daniel. I was only joking! "Look Mum" "Don't drop her!" Can you imagine the look on my face? My boy is getting so strong. "

Right off to find all my Kylie CD's.......

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