Friday, September 30, 2011


I read the Challenge Me Happy post for the month & couldn't think of anything; then in the middle of the night 2 days ago sudden inspiration hit me.  The theme was Book Of Me - Fun/Funny. I thought about a funny, little known fact about me & I knew the photo I needed that I had even printed the day before.  Confession time.....I am a closet Goth, hehe. I am not into the whole skulls, bats, being depressed, etc; but I love Goth fashion, makeup etc.  I love the heavy eye makeup, black nail polish, little tutu skirts, huge shoes, over the knee get the point.  I do believe that you have to go all out or not at all & therefore I do not dress-up often (don't think I could pull it off full time like Abby from NCIS)  So here is my Goth LO. 

The papers are DCWV.  The metal is the inside of a coke can  wither through my Dymo (journalling) or Cuttlebug (wings & crown).  The stamp is Sweat Pea (I think, I bought it at SENZ).  The metal frame is Making Memories, then embossed & inked.  The fabric is from my fav skirt that I made years ago, but can't bare to throw away even though it no longer fits. I must mention those are not my shoes (although I am trying to find them to buy them), they are my friends. Also I had to get my lovely husband to take the photos for me as my point & shoot couldn't cope with the reflections off the metal at night.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

RWC 2011 & some layouts

Last weekend was the start of the Rugby World Cup.  Now up until then I was not really very excited about it.  However going on the ferry to the CBD to see the biggest  fireworks display ever in Auckland did sound like fun.  So Nicola, & her best friend & her dad & I went straight from school to the ferry at Half Moon Bay.  The girls were so excited about going on the ferry at night.    We stopped at the supermarket on the way for supplies cos we figured it would be expensive to buy the girls food in town & arrived at the ferry just before 4.  At around 4:30 we were informed that the ferries were being stopped because the waterfront was full!!!! The girls were not impressed so we had to bribe them with a picnic dinner at the beach.  (We met some Americans on  the way back to the car & they couldn't believe that the ferry's were stopped & venues full at 4 :30 when the show didn't start till 8)  So we decided to try our luck at driving to Devonport to watch the fireworks.  The motorway was empty, but the rods to Devonport were full, so we turned around & went to Mission Bay.   We got a park right at the beach in the main car park!!! & went to the Fishpot cafe for dinner, which the girls loved.  Then they played in the playground with all the hundreds of other children (in the dark) before we drove around to Okahu Bay to watch the fireworks.  The girls played in  the sand & sea (it's freezing! well it is September & 8 at night!) After the awesome light show we went to the Garrison Pub in Sylvia Park to watch the game.  The girls almost made it to the end of the match before they were over come with tiredness.  All in all it was a fun night :)
At Brownies Nicola was doing her Heritage Badge so asked me to look for my old Brownie/Guides stuff.  I found this photo of me when I was 8 in my BROWN Brownies uniform (the Brownie uniform is currently pink)  I couldn't find most of my badges which is not like me, so I googled it & bought some from the UK!!! You got to love the Internet!  The girls in Nicolas troupe loved seeing the pic & badges :)


 Shona & I went to the Scrapaholics Crop night on Friday.  I did these two LO's. I am trying to use my stash, but ended up buying a new punch & the cute little knife, fork & spoon, along with a few other bits & pieces.  We had a fun night.
Scott & I had a date night last night.  We went to see 'Friends with BEnifits' at the movies then went to the RWC Fan Zone.  The movie was ok, very predictable.  The RWC fan zone was interesting, not surprising it was full lst weekend, it isn't that big (can only hold 12,000 people)  We went to O'hagans Irish pub to watch Oz verses the Irish.  The Irish won!!!!!!  It was fun to be in a Irish pub when that happened :)  Everybody went crazy, hehe.