Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blyh Middie is here!

I know she is a fake, but she is for my baby & I was interested in the differences between the very expensive 'real' Blythe dolls & a fake.  A 'real' Middie is 160USD & upwards, not including postage, this one was 20USD including postage.
 Hmmmm....I think a lot got lost in translation......Not how I would describe a Blythe.....
 First impressions.  She was selotaped into the box!!!!!!!!!  So she has sticky stuff on her legs.  She has ball jointed sholders which is not right, but cool.  She has tiny extra bits of plastic from molding on her hands & bottoms of feet, easy enough to remove.  Her hips are so well jointed she has difficulty standing up as her head is to heavy!  Knees don't bend.  Do those look like Blythe flat feet??? However will be easier to get her new shoes I think.  The dress was hideous & went straight in the bin.  She is 8" tall like the 'real' one.Hair is ok, but planning reroot anyway.  

This is exciting!  Her eyes change colour.  The 'real' Middie eyes only go side to side.  Colours aren't bad either.  Green/Turquoise; grey; blue/purple; pink.
I can't wait to pull her apart later tonight.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy Creating OTP?

Do all these count as OTP projects? Can't get any more off the page than a bed!
Nicola got a new bed for her birthday & wanted it painted rainbow.  So each draw is a colour of the rainbow & the base is her fave pink.  I think it worked well & she is very happy.  She has even made her bed properly every morning since she got it.
I saw this rose iron candelabra on the footpath outside work & had to take it home. 
 It is now the centerpiece of our dining room table.  Thanks to Louise for the birds.  The paper roses are Kaiser & the bird cage is Twiddleybitz.  The velvet leaves are from Spotlight.
 While I was a Spotlight looking for something unrelated i saw that patterns were on sale.  I accidently collect fabric but it just sits in the cupboard.  Baby needed a new sweat shirt & pants & when I saw the patterns.  She chose which patterns we were buying & what I made. I wanted a sweatshirt, she wanted the poncho.  She loves the  trackpants & barely takes them off.  The dress fabric I bought when we lived in Napier.  I finally made the Creeper face for the back of D's sweatshirt.  He is very happy.

 I made this little Teddy bear from a Scrapbooking stencil, it is felt.  It is small enough to  be posted to my B.I.L. for his baby. Don't tell them, it will be a surprise!
 What is this? A Layout???  I know I am shocked too.  I have been trying to finish sewing before I start on scrapbooking again. (shhh...I still have I more teddy to make)   I took these photos of my boy when we were away last school holidays & I love them.  They are just so him.  This LO came together quiet easily as I have heaps of stuff i have got over the years for his gaming pages.  The paper is DCWV Generation Tech & the stickers are Jodie Foster.