Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mega Crop

I went to the Mega Crop last night at NZ Scrapbook on the shore. It took me an hour & 10 mins to get there which is not really surprising considering it was rush hour on a Friday night. I was driving at walking pace, there as a chick & I having a race (she was walking) she passed me each time I had to stop , then I caught up, but not for long! I got a bit done, nothing to show yet. It only took me 25mins to get home at midnight in the pouring rain.
I am making goodie tins (rather than goodie bags) for Nicolas birthday. I wanted to buy those cute little pails from spotlight but they were about $10 each & I need 8!!!!! So I had to put my thinking cap on. I could get 2 for $12 at Bunnings, but then I still had to get the citronella wax out of them....I finally found money box tins at our local Joe's Emporium for $2.90 each, much better price.I have painted the insides blue=boys burgundy=girls & am covering the outside in paper. They will have ribbons around the top & bottom. Anyway i still have about a month to go & I was getting bored of them so here is a progress pic for Melissa.

Anyone remember the wooden Kaiser castle album I was working on a camp? Still haven't organised the photos yet, but I have finished the base. I painted the whole thing is twinkling H2O's to make it shimmer. I promise I will finish it one day..........

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bath Time!

The reason why Nicola needs a bath.......... She came home from daycare like that. Yes the soles of her feet are bright red! Apparently they made a volcano in the sand pit & the lava had red dye in it. I am just happy she took her shoes off rather than dyeing them too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monsters, Aliens & the Easter Bunny

We took the kids the see Monsters verses Aliens in 3D on Sunday. It was fun, a bit scary for Nicola, she spent most of it sitting on my lap. I enjoyed it, the 3D stuff is good. Hugh Laurie aka House was the voice of the mad cockroach scientist, would love to see the gag reel of him doing the voice in the sound booth, bet he didn't just stand there as he does the evil laugh.
I forgot to mention the Easter Bunny's visit. Apparently Nicola saw him!!! He is big & white & had to jump up Nicola's ladder to put her egg on the top of her bunk.
I forgot to take a pic of Nicola getting her ears pierced, opps! Do you think I can take her back to the store just for a photo?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Last day of holidays :-(

Back to work on Monday. This has been another great holiday. Scott has been fishing heaps, I have been scrapping heaps. The weather has been good, the kids are happy. Nicola is at daycare, Daniel is happily playing. I have had heaps of sleep-ins & naps. The 5 'S' required for a good Holiday in my books: sun, sleep, shopping, scrapping & ......
Anyway, went to Scrapbooker's Delight yesterday. I wanted some alphabet ribbon slides (making memories) & they are the only place that still has them. The fact that it is their closing down sale with 50% off for the next 3 weeks also helped!!!!!! I got a Heidi swap butterfly transparency (dunno what I'm gonna do with it yet), those Voila! felt page corners ( fro $25 they are a rip off, but for $12.50....), some UTEE, glitter, charms, brads.... I had lots of fun! Then Scott, Melissa & I went to lunch at the cafe next door & the card bounced, opps! But I saved 50% !!!! hehe. It's ok it was payday last night. It was nice catching up with Melissa again, poor Scott got a bit bored with our scrap talk over lunch, hehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

& here are the others....

The card is the make-n-take from Louise Williams on Friday night. I painted my transparency with twinkling H2O's also. I can never follow instructions without changing something.

The double LO is from Mopsie's birthday party last year. Scott took such beautiful photos I didn't know what to do with them. I had doubles of most of the photos so I have cut the flowers & balloons & mounted them on foam tape making them jump further off the page. It was a very important day for the family so they had to be scrapped 'right'.
This is another honeymoon LO, dunno why I have been inspired to do them atm, but best to strike while the iron is hot (it's only been like 13 years) I used the BG Marrakech stickers on this 1, painted the orange leaves with red, but think they look awesome, if only I had more....had to do a bit of creative journalling as the memory is fading, 'a big tree', 'another big tree' hehe!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know I'm a bit slow.....

But here is 1 of my LO's from the Sketchbook Retreat. This 1 is from Rachels class. I had to change it a bit cos my photo was landscape not portrait (opps, I didn't notice that bit)but I really like it, just wanna add a bling circle around Nicola in the main photo (do you think?) cos her back is to the camera. I would never have done a Lo like this by myself, too expensive! 4 pieces of paper & a transparency!!!!! I didn't even put the bling swirl onto it, will use it on another LO.

I did this 1 just before camp. There has been a lot of discussion about my tinfoil arrows. I just love that Scott does this with the kids, so glad I finally got it on film (ok, so digital camera, what do u say instead of film? disk?), they just love it!

This is a LO from our honeymoon!!!! (no I haven't finished our wedding photos yet). I had done the mosaic on the right awhile ago, but didn't know how to do the other page but was inspired yesterday, think it came out well.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My baby is getting so big.

The first day of school holiday & we got a letter from school telling us when Nicola's school visits are going to be. Wow! She looks so adorable (& tiny) in her uniform, but she can't wait to start school. She is doing really well in 'extension' (getting ready for school programme) at daycare. She can count to 60 & knows all her letters. She can even spell her full name.
Anyway for her 5th birthday she wanted her ears pierced, we have told her it is gonna hurt, etc, I was worried but she was sure. So I was thinking Iwould take her to my tattoo/body piercing place cos they are trained professionals, rather than some random person at the chemist. But as we were walking past the chemist this afternoon I thought I would just ask how much it was. The ladies at Life Pharmacy in Botany were wonderful, very professional, even asked for consent from Nicola herself, hehe. They put dots on her ears with what looked like eyeliner so we should check they are even, then they did both ears at the same time. Nicola didn't even flinch! So she now has lovely blue/green stones in her ears. I am so proud of her, even the ladies were impressed, they said lots of bigger kids cry. My baby is growing up, sigh.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spice up your life!

The Sketchbook Retreat was great!!! I got lost both on the way there & on the way home (stupid GPS, a map is much easier). I spent most of Fri & Sat working on my wooden mini album, gluing, sanding & inking. I also worked on the mini canvas from the NZ Scrapbooking Preview we went to the other week. Love H2O's over water colour pens!!! I did 1 of the classes on Sat, but not the other & did 3 other LO's, will upload them soon. Saturday night was the dress up party, "What you want to be when u grow up" So a group of us went as the Spice Girls!! I love Ginger spice so jumped at the chance, hehe. Unfortunately we didn't win, we were totally gutted :-( It was heaps of fun though! Really cool to see all the different costumes. I was told by my rommies that I snored on Fri night (don't believe them!) so I stayed up on Sat night to finish the LO I was working on & give them a chance to get to sleep before me. I finally fell into bed 3:30am & guess what, I couldn't sleep cos the 3 of them were snoring! LOL!! I was up 7:30 both mornings (WTF!?!) I don't get up that early at home! So I probably got about 12 hours sleep all camp, but then I can sleep when I'm dead! I spent far to much money (again) at the Crafty Tart shop on site & placed an order for some Stampin' Up! stuff (food is over-rated, stamps are far more important!) So that is all for tonight I am going to fall asleep on the keyboard! Night night everyone in blogland.