Friday, April 17, 2009

Last day of holidays :-(

Back to work on Monday. This has been another great holiday. Scott has been fishing heaps, I have been scrapping heaps. The weather has been good, the kids are happy. Nicola is at daycare, Daniel is happily playing. I have had heaps of sleep-ins & naps. The 5 'S' required for a good Holiday in my books: sun, sleep, shopping, scrapping & ......
Anyway, went to Scrapbooker's Delight yesterday. I wanted some alphabet ribbon slides (making memories) & they are the only place that still has them. The fact that it is their closing down sale with 50% off for the next 3 weeks also helped!!!!!! I got a Heidi swap butterfly transparency (dunno what I'm gonna do with it yet), those Voila! felt page corners ( fro $25 they are a rip off, but for $12.50....), some UTEE, glitter, charms, brads.... I had lots of fun! Then Scott, Melissa & I went to lunch at the cafe next door & the card bounced, opps! But I saved 50% !!!! hehe. It's ok it was payday last night. It was nice catching up with Melissa again, poor Scott got a bit bored with our scrap talk over lunch, hehe.

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Melissa said...

I thought he was the perfect husband, making polite conversation and letting us talk the whole time ;P I took Olivia back to SD on Friday - just to double check I didn't want that transparency - and found some other things I really did need. Hehe.