Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know I'm a bit slow.....

But here is 1 of my LO's from the Sketchbook Retreat. This 1 is from Rachels class. I had to change it a bit cos my photo was landscape not portrait (opps, I didn't notice that bit)but I really like it, just wanna add a bling circle around Nicola in the main photo (do you think?) cos her back is to the camera. I would never have done a Lo like this by myself, too expensive! 4 pieces of paper & a transparency!!!!! I didn't even put the bling swirl onto it, will use it on another LO.

I did this 1 just before camp. There has been a lot of discussion about my tinfoil arrows. I just love that Scott does this with the kids, so glad I finally got it on film (ok, so digital camera, what do u say instead of film? disk?), they just love it!

This is a LO from our honeymoon!!!! (no I haven't finished our wedding photos yet). I had done the mosaic on the right awhile ago, but didn't know how to do the other page but was inspired yesterday, think it came out well.

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