Thursday, April 9, 2009

My baby is getting so big.

The first day of school holiday & we got a letter from school telling us when Nicola's school visits are going to be. Wow! She looks so adorable (& tiny) in her uniform, but she can't wait to start school. She is doing really well in 'extension' (getting ready for school programme) at daycare. She can count to 60 & knows all her letters. She can even spell her full name.
Anyway for her 5th birthday she wanted her ears pierced, we have told her it is gonna hurt, etc, I was worried but she was sure. So I was thinking Iwould take her to my tattoo/body piercing place cos they are trained professionals, rather than some random person at the chemist. But as we were walking past the chemist this afternoon I thought I would just ask how much it was. The ladies at Life Pharmacy in Botany were wonderful, very professional, even asked for consent from Nicola herself, hehe. They put dots on her ears with what looked like eyeliner so we should check they are even, then they did both ears at the same time. Nicola didn't even flinch! So she now has lovely blue/green stones in her ears. I am so proud of her, even the ladies were impressed, they said lots of bigger kids cry. My baby is growing up, sigh.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how sweet, I remember Abigail getting her ears pierced as well, she was 3 and also didn't even flinch, it is such a proud moment, for such a little thing aey - something only a mother can feel.... great to catch up with again at the retreat chickie

Melissa said...

I am a meanie and won't let Olivia have hers done until she is 10. After the dentist episode I don't think she would go through with it anyway. Well done Nicola for being so cool about it.