Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mega Crop

I went to the Mega Crop last night at NZ Scrapbook on the shore. It took me an hour & 10 mins to get there which is not really surprising considering it was rush hour on a Friday night. I was driving at walking pace, there as a chick & I having a race (she was walking) she passed me each time I had to stop , then I caught up, but not for long! I got a bit done, nothing to show yet. It only took me 25mins to get home at midnight in the pouring rain.
I am making goodie tins (rather than goodie bags) for Nicolas birthday. I wanted to buy those cute little pails from spotlight but they were about $10 each & I need 8!!!!! So I had to put my thinking cap on. I could get 2 for $12 at Bunnings, but then I still had to get the citronella wax out of them....I finally found money box tins at our local Joe's Emporium for $2.90 each, much better price.I have painted the insides blue=boys burgundy=girls & am covering the outside in paper. They will have ribbons around the top & bottom. Anyway i still have about a month to go & I was getting bored of them so here is a progress pic for Melissa.

Anyone remember the wooden Kaiser castle album I was working on a camp? Still haven't organised the photos yet, but I have finished the base. I painted the whole thing is twinkling H2O's to make it shimmer. I promise I will finish it one day..........


Anonymous said...

Your albumn looks great Kerry-Sue..... and those pails are just tooo darn cute what a clever chickie you are

Melissa said...

The goodie-tins are looking great. Can you make me one too? hehe. That castle album is so pretty - you need to finish it. You could post it on the Kaiser site.