Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flooring & bricks..

Laying my mini hardwood floor (paper)
Finished one room, it looks really good, I am very pleased 
 My bricks have finally arrived!   They are 1mm by 3mm by 5mm REAL BRICKS.  So cool.  They are from hubby's War Hammer site Slave to Painting.
Back to work....

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The beginning.....

I was so excited I opened the box at work, hehe.  3 packages inside but no instructions, just as well there is both a video & written instructions on their website.  The first box contained a lot of little pieces, windows, chimney, the 3 stair cases already made up. Number 2 was the walls & number 3 was the floors & large roof pieces.  The subfloor was built & taped together, I did wonder why until I shook it....

It's like Christmas! (actually better)  
 The detail on the handrails is mind blowing, so fine I don't know how he managed to cut it without breaking them.  The kit is made of 3mm ply & not easy to cut so I have re thought some of the modifications I was planning.  (A dollhouse doesn't have to be weathertight anyway)
 This is the subfloor painted.  I am still waiting for my bricks to arrive so I can continue.  I shall add the flock grass at the end so it doesnt wear off from handling.  I have not decided if I am bricking the internal walls you see through the subfloor or not, it might depend on how good I am at miniature bricklaying. 
The walls came with 'weatherboard' lines scored into them.  I dont like this, I want 'real' weatherboards.  So off to the model shop I went & now I have a mini saw, mitre box, & plastic strips (called Evergreen ?!?) to make weatherboards.  They were really easy to do & look awesome!
Now I need to think of something for the roofing......ideas?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's here!!!!

I'm so excited, can't wait to go home & start working on it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new hobbie?

Sooooooo.....I have ordered a 1/4" scale Victorian Villa from Laser Doll Houses in the States,

 typically  it isn't due to arrive here until after I am back at work and I am impatient.  
To keep myself entertained I have been buying wallpaper & curtain fabric for it.  I also ordered the bathroom & kitchen fittings.  I bought Kaiser St. Nicolas & Tea Party 6.5" pads.  I loved some of the embossed paper but not the colour so I inked them, I love how they have come out.  
This is the paper for the Master Bedroom on the second floor; before inking on left.
& this is for the girls bedroom on the third floor:
Next I decided to make a cool french chaise lounger I found on Pinterest.  The instructions are for 1" scale so I just reduced them. It is just made out of card with texture paste to smooth layers.  It is 2 layer of card, then one each side to form the details:
Here is it after sanding and undercoating.  It is interesting how the macro lens picks up details I can't see with the naked eye. The base is 3 layers of card.
Basecoats.  The paints are hubbys WarHammer colours.  I followed their painting method.
Topcoats which are brighter. 
 The legs are jewelry findings cut down to size.  The base has now had top coat & wash to give it a more worn look.
For the upholstery I decided to use felt to give a velvet type look.  Also then I didn't have to worry about fraying. This is how I attached it, there is glue in there too. 
And here is the final product complete with the finishing touch a mini throw pillow!
So now I just have to make 2 matching chairs & I am thinking  a gold grand piano if I can find dimensions of a real one somewhere.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Meet Guinevere....

I have been doing more sewing lately than scrapbooking.  This is my latest creation.  

My mum asked me to make her a doorstop for her birthday, I was so inspired I did it straight way.  Here is a link to the pattern that I got from Pinterest. I made the 12cm dimension 31cm & it stands about 20cm tall.  It is filled with sand & weighs 2kg.  Here is another pattern for them I may try this one later...