Sunday, January 19, 2014

The beginning.....

I was so excited I opened the box at work, hehe.  3 packages inside but no instructions, just as well there is both a video & written instructions on their website.  The first box contained a lot of little pieces, windows, chimney, the 3 stair cases already made up. Number 2 was the walls & number 3 was the floors & large roof pieces.  The subfloor was built & taped together, I did wonder why until I shook it....

It's like Christmas! (actually better)  
 The detail on the handrails is mind blowing, so fine I don't know how he managed to cut it without breaking them.  The kit is made of 3mm ply & not easy to cut so I have re thought some of the modifications I was planning.  (A dollhouse doesn't have to be weathertight anyway)
 This is the subfloor painted.  I am still waiting for my bricks to arrive so I can continue.  I shall add the flock grass at the end so it doesnt wear off from handling.  I have not decided if I am bricking the internal walls you see through the subfloor or not, it might depend on how good I am at miniature bricklaying. 
The walls came with 'weatherboard' lines scored into them.  I dont like this, I want 'real' weatherboards.  So off to the model shop I went & now I have a mini saw, mitre box, & plastic strips (called Evergreen ?!?) to make weatherboards.  They were really easy to do & look awesome!
Now I need to think of something for the roofing......ideas?

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