Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A new hobbie?

Sooooooo.....I have ordered a 1/4" scale Victorian Villa from Laser Doll Houses in the States,

 typically  it isn't due to arrive here until after I am back at work and I am impatient.  
To keep myself entertained I have been buying wallpaper & curtain fabric for it.  I also ordered the bathroom & kitchen fittings.  I bought Kaiser St. Nicolas & Tea Party 6.5" pads.  I loved some of the embossed paper but not the colour so I inked them, I love how they have come out.  
This is the paper for the Master Bedroom on the second floor; before inking on left.
& this is for the girls bedroom on the third floor:
Next I decided to make a cool french chaise lounger I found on Pinterest.  The instructions are for 1" scale so I just reduced them. It is just made out of card with texture paste to smooth layers.  It is 2 layer of card, then one each side to form the details:
Here is it after sanding and undercoating.  It is interesting how the macro lens picks up details I can't see with the naked eye. The base is 3 layers of card.
Basecoats.  The paints are hubbys WarHammer colours.  I followed their painting method.
Topcoats which are brighter. 
 The legs are jewelry findings cut down to size.  The base has now had top coat & wash to give it a more worn look.
For the upholstery I decided to use felt to give a velvet type look.  Also then I didn't have to worry about fraying. This is how I attached it, there is glue in there too. 
And here is the final product complete with the finishing touch a mini throw pillow!
So now I just have to make 2 matching chairs & I am thinking  a gold grand piano if I can find dimensions of a real one somewhere.


Mandy said...

That's so cool! Makes me want to make a dollhouse too!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is so freaking cool!! No way would i have the patience or attention to detail to do this. Well done.