Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today was Daniel's school fundraising Walk-a-thon. I was supposed to stand on a street corner, so packed my ipod, phone, camera, drink (of water) etc, in my shorts pockets; but when i got to the school I found I was walking with the kids!!!! Is this what i took the day of work for??????? Who volunteered me?!!!!!!! So off I trotted like a good mother help hoping it wasn't me who needed the emergency car, I mean the kids have been practicing walking, i have been avoiding walking, hehe. I was also worried my pants might fall down from all the weight, I forgot I also had house keys, money for BBQ & lipstick in my pockets. They so didn't need me, they had HEAPS of parents, but it was nice to catch up with some of them I haven't seen much of since I started work. Daniel barely noticed I was there, except when he needed the money that is. I am a bit worried about how I'm gonna feel tomorrow.....................
The photo is of the whole school lined up & waiting to go for their walks. It's a nice small school.

Monday, March 30, 2009

4 more sleeps!!!

Hmmm....should I start panicking now? I haven't got anything organised, but then i am a procrastinator at packing. Paper is easy, but what else do I need? Costume organised, picking it up on way to camp. What else do I need? Need to make sure the batteries in my camera are charged.
Tomorrow is Walk-a-thon at Daniel's school. I am being a Marshall for them (just wish I had more notice, Daniel only gave me the notice from school on Friday!!, but it was dated the 19th of March, sigh) Daniels age group has to walk, no running allowed, 4 kms!
Just finished reading a really good book. 'Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex' Historical Romance, just what I like. This one had a lot of quotes from Leonardo da Vinci's note books & references to his painting. So I had to google them once I was finished the book, was really interesting. Funny how I was never interested in History at school, but am more interested now. Well worth a read.
Oh & did I mention our shower is leaking into Nicola's bedroom..... major bummer. Might have to ring someone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does anyone know the name of 'Fear of Fishing'?

I have found the Fear of Fish - Ichthyophobia, but not fishing, because I think I have it. It's not the fish I am afraid of, its those hooks!!!!...... And the lines flying back & forward....... And watching the poor things slowly dying in a puddle of inch deep water...... And catching them just for fun then throwing them back!!!! whats with that? The poor thing will probably die of a heart attack or exhaustion later when your conscious is eased. I have no problems with other people fishing & love to eat fresh snapper Scott has caught, just as long as I don't have to do it. We saw some people fishing off the beach at low tide the other day, so we went to see if they had caught anything (for Scott's fishing spot research cos he doesn't have a fish finder). Anyway watching the guys casting lines in to the water, I shuddered every time & them the fish were still alive in puddles in the rocks.....I got so weirded out I had to leave, felt like I was gonna be sick or something. So I shall leave the fishing to the rest of you..........
After reading this article, maybe I am right to be afraid? Or is this article more accurate?

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, well, things have been interesting with Daniel over the last year or so. We finally have a diagnosis - ADD (not ADHD!!!). This is such a relief & he will be starting on an extremely low dose of Ritalin on the weekend (so low we have to order it specially!) For those of you who don't know ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder (no Hyper). It has been interesting to learn that he sees & hears the world differently to the rest of us; for instance when trying to write he may become distracted by the sound of the pen scratching on the paper rather than what he is supposed to be writing. Anyway before the hospital will give him Ritalin they gave him an ECG (heart test thing) as the most serious side effect is only if you have an existing heart condition. Daniel thought the test was hilarious & kept giggling so the nurse had to do it a couple of times, she said kids usually scream at her so she didn't mind the giggling. He also has an extra large space between his pallet & the back of his throat which allows more air than necessary though which is why his speech is 'nasal'. I don't think we are going to go ahead with surgery to get it fixed as it is not that bad & the speech therapy has greatly improved his speech. He is also slightly obsessive (not OCD), but so am I!!!!
We had 3-way - conference with his NEW teacher on Friday (yes, I am one of those mothers who kicked up a stink at the school & got my son moved classes). It went really well, she is happy with him. She can see that he is trying to work & not finishing; rather than the other teacher who just got mad at him for never finishing anything. He is really happy in his new class & likes his teacher so phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She hasn't noticed the ADD yet, but it is early in the year, but has noticed him staring into space, but thought he was thinking. LOL! He is still doing really well academically & luckily he is a happy kid so he was never bothered by the ADD, the speech issue was holding him back, but that seems to be fixed now.
Poor kid I feel so sorry for him with all this stuff sometimes, that is when I don't wanna kill him cos I can't get him to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

On a lighter note........Nicola had her best friend Bronte stay the night on Saturday. They think they are twins,who have different parents & live in different houses, but they are still twins! LOL. I was really worried about her cos it was the first time she was staying at someone elses house, so I slept sooooooo lightly listening for any sound. she did wake up crying once, but went straight back to sleep after a quick cuddle. Funny how I sleep through my own kids crying but not someone elses.

Scott went fishing on Saturday, then took Daniel for a ride in the kayak. The girls were to chicken so they collected shells & had a great time running around in their undies.

I felt like doing something different in my scrapbooking, so I have done 2 LO of Scott & I pre-kids. On the Gecko LO I used texture paste through a stencil to make the geckos on patterned paper. Very cool. On the weekend LO I used transparent micro beads over Jac paper to make the flower centres, on the brackets & on the heart. Orange & green is soooooooooo not me, but think it looks quite good.

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is so beautiful I almost cryed. It's like a mini Jane Austin movie.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoes, you can never have enough!

I know I just bought some dress shoes the other day, but I really wanted PINK ones, but they didn't go with the dress I was wearing. Anyway look what I got at Dressmart today, cool eh? Hot pink patent ankle boots, Scott says I need a matching cowboy hat so if anyone sees I let me know, hehe! I would lika a belt actually. I have been a bit depressed lately cos of all the weight I have put on & lack of clothes that fit & make me feel nice. I have been looking for some new work skirts but haven't found anything that doesn't make me look like a house. So I went into different shops at Dressmart than i usually would & ended up with 2 skirts from Max. I would not usually shop at Max as it is too espensive but I got some nice things from there sale rack & now I feel heaps better (originally $90, I paid $20!). Scott got the extra stuff he needed for his Kayak so he was happy too. The kids had a great time at Nana & Popa's & we just had dinner at the beach with Sarah & her kids, so good day all round!
This is a video I took the other week of some sea gulls trying to get the Pizza off our dash - through the windscreen! It was very funny! They did it for ages. It is intersting that they know what pizza is but didn't figure out the windsheild. I got bird spit all over my car! LOL!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sooooooo Pretttttttyyyyyy

Isn't my new blog background pretty? Thanks Nic! I saw hers & was so jealous I wanted one too, so she told me how to get one & ta-dah! Want one too? Just click here & follow the instructions.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haircut is faster!

So I need to go on a diet, but getting a new hairstyle is faster! So I have a new haircut. What do you think? Not the best photo, but it's a long bob. I dunno, I just felt like something different. My haidresser did think it was funny that i waited until almost the end of summer to cut my hair off, oh well....... :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Highschool Musical Rocks!

Yes I know I am an adult, but I love musicals. I have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Mary Poppins; Sound of Music; Moulin Rouge; Grease; Mama Mia; (do Dirty Dancing& Footloose count?) on DVD. I remember going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Howick Monetary Theatre when I was a kid (I think 1 of the first I went to by 'myself'), those horrible uncomfortable fake leather burgundy seats, ice-cream, jaffas, sitting in the front row with my best friend.......ahhh the memories. Anyway I was resisting the Highschool Musical Phenomena cos it is another fad of stuff the kids will want the merchandise for. However a friend was looking for the original movie & couldn't find it, I found it & bought it for her. But until we see them again my kids have been watching it, about twice a day. So what can I say, it's just an updated version of Grease, but with a better ending. It always bugged me how Sandy had to become 'bad' at the end of Grease. The songs are cool & the story is nice. So now the kids have hired HSM 2 & more Grease similarities, but hey Grease is awesome (one of Zak/Troy's costumes was VERY Danny/John Travolta!). Again good movie, catchy songs the kids love it & I don't mind it either ;-) So now they are asking for..........HSM3 of course!
Spent the afternoon putting dark red stripes/highlights through my hair. I can't see them tho :-( I will see what the hairdresser says on Wed.
Nicola finished our Wasjig puzzle this afternoon, she is seriously good at puzzles! We bought it when we heard the weather forecast for last weekend. Scott & I love wasjig's they are the only puzzles we do, the others are boring. But Nicola was actually helpful she saw things we couldn't & she put the last 15 or so pieces in by herself.
When I was folding the washing I decided to try Daniel's school uniform on her to see how it fits. Yes I am mean, my 8 1/2 year old is still wearing size 6 uniform (I let the waist out on the shorts) They look so big on her & too small on him (surprise, surprise) Nicola wants to put them in her drawers so apparently I have to buy Daniel new shirts tomorrow (Nicolas orders, LOL). My baby is growing up! I can't wait for the financial influence of her being at school, no more daycare costs, but seeing her in that uniform.....now I'm not so sure.