Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does anyone know the name of 'Fear of Fishing'?

I have found the Fear of Fish - Ichthyophobia, but not fishing, because I think I have it. It's not the fish I am afraid of, its those hooks!!!!...... And the lines flying back & forward....... And watching the poor things slowly dying in a puddle of inch deep water...... And catching them just for fun then throwing them back!!!! whats with that? The poor thing will probably die of a heart attack or exhaustion later when your conscious is eased. I have no problems with other people fishing & love to eat fresh snapper Scott has caught, just as long as I don't have to do it. We saw some people fishing off the beach at low tide the other day, so we went to see if they had caught anything (for Scott's fishing spot research cos he doesn't have a fish finder). Anyway watching the guys casting lines in to the water, I shuddered every time & them the fish were still alive in puddles in the rocks.....I got so weirded out I had to leave, felt like I was gonna be sick or something. So I shall leave the fishing to the rest of you..........
After reading this article, maybe I am right to be afraid? Or is this article more accurate?

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Anonymous said...

here's a point to concider-- Do fish feel pain? Do they have a nervious system anything akin to ours? pam