Monday, March 2, 2009

Highschool Musical Rocks!

Yes I know I am an adult, but I love musicals. I have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Mary Poppins; Sound of Music; Moulin Rouge; Grease; Mama Mia; (do Dirty Dancing& Footloose count?) on DVD. I remember going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Howick Monetary Theatre when I was a kid (I think 1 of the first I went to by 'myself'), those horrible uncomfortable fake leather burgundy seats, ice-cream, jaffas, sitting in the front row with my best friend.......ahhh the memories. Anyway I was resisting the Highschool Musical Phenomena cos it is another fad of stuff the kids will want the merchandise for. However a friend was looking for the original movie & couldn't find it, I found it & bought it for her. But until we see them again my kids have been watching it, about twice a day. So what can I say, it's just an updated version of Grease, but with a better ending. It always bugged me how Sandy had to become 'bad' at the end of Grease. The songs are cool & the story is nice. So now the kids have hired HSM 2 & more Grease similarities, but hey Grease is awesome (one of Zak/Troy's costumes was VERY Danny/John Travolta!). Again good movie, catchy songs the kids love it & I don't mind it either ;-) So now they are asking for..........HSM3 of course!
Spent the afternoon putting dark red stripes/highlights through my hair. I can't see them tho :-( I will see what the hairdresser says on Wed.
Nicola finished our Wasjig puzzle this afternoon, she is seriously good at puzzles! We bought it when we heard the weather forecast for last weekend. Scott & I love wasjig's they are the only puzzles we do, the others are boring. But Nicola was actually helpful she saw things we couldn't & she put the last 15 or so pieces in by herself.
When I was folding the washing I decided to try Daniel's school uniform on her to see how it fits. Yes I am mean, my 8 1/2 year old is still wearing size 6 uniform (I let the waist out on the shorts) They look so big on her & too small on him (surprise, surprise) Nicola wants to put them in her drawers so apparently I have to buy Daniel new shirts tomorrow (Nicolas orders, LOL). My baby is growing up! I can't wait for the financial influence of her being at school, no more daycare costs, but seeing her in that I'm not so sure.

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