Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoes, you can never have enough!

I know I just bought some dress shoes the other day, but I really wanted PINK ones, but they didn't go with the dress I was wearing. Anyway look what I got at Dressmart today, cool eh? Hot pink patent ankle boots, Scott says I need a matching cowboy hat so if anyone sees I let me know, hehe! I would lika a belt actually. I have been a bit depressed lately cos of all the weight I have put on & lack of clothes that fit & make me feel nice. I have been looking for some new work skirts but haven't found anything that doesn't make me look like a house. So I went into different shops at Dressmart than i usually would & ended up with 2 skirts from Max. I would not usually shop at Max as it is too espensive but I got some nice things from there sale rack & now I feel heaps better (originally $90, I paid $20!). Scott got the extra stuff he needed for his Kayak so he was happy too. The kids had a great time at Nana & Popa's & we just had dinner at the beach with Sarah & her kids, so good day all round!
This is a video I took the other week of some sea gulls trying to get the Pizza off our dash - through the windscreen! It was very funny! They did it for ages. It is intersting that they know what pizza is but didn't figure out the windsheild. I got bird spit all over my car! LOL!

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