Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today was Daniel's school fundraising Walk-a-thon. I was supposed to stand on a street corner, so packed my ipod, phone, camera, drink (of water) etc, in my shorts pockets; but when i got to the school I found I was walking with the kids!!!! Is this what i took the day of work for??????? Who volunteered me?!!!!!!! So off I trotted like a good mother help hoping it wasn't me who needed the emergency car, I mean the kids have been practicing walking, i have been avoiding walking, hehe. I was also worried my pants might fall down from all the weight, I forgot I also had house keys, money for BBQ & lipstick in my pockets. They so didn't need me, they had HEAPS of parents, but it was nice to catch up with some of them I haven't seen much of since I started work. Daniel barely noticed I was there, except when he needed the money that is. I am a bit worried about how I'm gonna feel tomorrow.....................
The photo is of the whole school lined up & waiting to go for their walks. It's a nice small school.

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