Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have been busy

Yay! It rained! The kids had a friend over & were very well behaved, so look at what I got done!!! I am on a roll, LOL. I used my cricut software to join the letters together on 'Our Vows" & to make them fit on the page. This is the first time I have used a full page transperancy, I like it. I used my cricut software to do the "BOY" on Daniels LO, combined 2 cartridges, very cool.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but it's been a busy week! We spent Christmas evening at the Thomsons new house in Waiukau & Christmas Day at Uncle Andrews in Helensville. Lots of food was eaten & full tummies all around, that's what Christmas is about! LOL! Mum & Dad arrived at 7am Christmas morning to watch the kids open their pressies, shocking I know! (I told them to arrive then, but didn't actally think they would make it!!!!!) Of'course the kids are never happy & still waned money to spend in the boxing day sales!!!! I bought a copy of Design Studio software for my Cricut& am very excited by what it can do, I don't know how I survived for so long with out it! Scott & I bought a few other things in the sales too, finally found some nice new shoes, yay. I can finally post the pics for the pressies I made for My & Scotts parents.....

The 1 on the left was for my parents. It started at the Sketchbook Camp with the class from Faye Gregory. However I din't like some bits of it, so I changed it. I am very happy with my result & mum & dad liked it. It's amazing how much has happened this year when you think about it.

The one on the right was for Scotts parents. It is a Kaiser wooden book with Kaiser Bohemian paper (I love this paper & have heaps of it!)

They are both quite different & were fun tomake for a change, but was glad to get back to normal scraping!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2 pages done this week

I went to a product preview at NZScrapbook for the new kaiser range. We made this LO & I won the whole range of owl paper (which I am giving to mum cos she loves owls)

I started on this LO of Nicola's ballet recital weeks go as part of a challenge on the Sketchbook website. The challenge was to use Christmas paper in a non- Christmas LO. I did complete 1 on time, see previous posts, but didn't really like it. This 1 uses paper from the same Heidi Grace Jolly & Bright pack, aswell as pink bling & lime bazzil. Don't u LOVE the duck? (from NZScrapbook). The ballet dancers are just from the $2 shop!

Silent Night

Believe it or not the presents have remained untouched under the tree. The kids have been checking every morning to see if there are any new arrivals, but no touching! It was a very interesting idea that Scott made up to keep the kids away - Each present has a silent alarm in it & mummmy & daddy will no if they have been touched & they will be taken away & given to more deserving children! It's worked! The funniest thing was when friends came over & their toddler tried to touch them, our kids were going crazy! yelling at her & her parents so that they didn't loose their pressies cos of this other kid. It was so funny! So there u go, silent alarms it is. Of'course mum & dad have to deactivate them all tonight so they can open them tomorrow........

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I got stung by a wasp yesterday afternoon :-( I was doing the gardening when I accidentally found a nest. Luckily when I yelled, Nicola ran & they went after me, not her. I only got stung once, but wow! My hand was on fire!!! I asked Scott to amputate it, but he wouldn't. LOL! Lots of ice & an overdose of anti-histamine later, I had a nap.........luckily I did wake up. It really annoys me that you can't see anything, so much pain, but not a mark on my hand. Maybe I made it all up?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kylie was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a great concert. She did 6 costume changes & had about 10 dances & a full band. Her voice sounded fantastic. I was in awe of what she has been thru lately with her breast cancer & breaking up with what's-his-name & there she was singing & dancing her heart out!!!! Very inspiring!!!! I was a bit confused by the fact I didn't know all the songs, I have her new album??? & she sang 'Coco cabana' which was weird, she has enuff of her own hits, she doesn't need to do covers. Unfortunately she had to reduce the size of her show cos it didn't fit on the Vector Arena stage, but I still thought it was fantastic!!!!!! I danced & sang heaps! She finished the night with a request from the auidence - "I should be so lucky"!!!!! She didn't have an opening act, which was great cos usually they are a waste of time. I got a t-shirt & souvenir book. I bought my t-shirt as soon as we arrived in town, & it's just as well cos I think they sold out, another audience member asked where I got it!!! It's not nice going out late on a Monday night tho, makes the rest of the week seem reallllllllllyyyyy long!

I did the Friday night challenge on Sketchbook last week, but was to pre-occupied with Kylie to post it. It was to use Christmas patterned paper for a non- Christmas LO. I used polka dot paper & chipboard heart from Hedei Grace Jolly & Bright pack. The vines are felt from Arty Farty, very cool.

Monday, December 8, 2008

WOW! Kylie is tonight!

Yay!!!! It's tonight!!! I can't wait! I am taking the ferry into town after work & meeting Scott. I shall be buying all the mechandise I can..... Visit Kylie's offical myspace site here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have finished the 2 mini books for Christmas pressies, now I just need to do my cards & 1 canvas.

I finally finished my Sketchbook Camp challenge page, LOL!

It's ok, & another page done for my BOM. This was my 5th birthday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There are rats in the fridge!

This is the message I got from Scott via Mr 8 this morning. It had both Daniel & I confused. He thought it meant there were real rats in the fridge!!!! ewwwwww!!!! I thought it was code for something, but what I could not work out. (Scott & I have been talking in code about kids Christmas presents). Finally I worked out it was WRAPS not RATS! Scott made his lunch but forgot to take it to work, so was telling me I could have it. Well that made a lot more sense than rats.......

Monday, December 1, 2008

On the first day of December.....

Well, we held the kids back from putting up the Christmas tree as long as we could, but today was THE day. I was not really in the mood, so basically the kids did it all themselves. I plugged the lights in & put Angel on the top, but they did everything else. Daniel even got a chair to do the top half. We even have the glasses baubles on this year, ekkk! Daniel even put bows on the windows & the Christmas table cloth on the dining room table. Of'course now the hard part starts, waiting..... only 24 sleeps to go!