Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kylie was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was a great concert. She did 6 costume changes & had about 10 dances & a full band. Her voice sounded fantastic. I was in awe of what she has been thru lately with her breast cancer & breaking up with what's-his-name & there she was singing & dancing her heart out!!!! Very inspiring!!!! I was a bit confused by the fact I didn't know all the songs, I have her new album??? & she sang 'Coco cabana' which was weird, she has enuff of her own hits, she doesn't need to do covers. Unfortunately she had to reduce the size of her show cos it didn't fit on the Vector Arena stage, but I still thought it was fantastic!!!!!! I danced & sang heaps! She finished the night with a request from the auidence - "I should be so lucky"!!!!! She didn't have an opening act, which was great cos usually they are a waste of time. I got a t-shirt & souvenir book. I bought my t-shirt as soon as we arrived in town, & it's just as well cos I think they sold out, another audience member asked where I got it!!! It's not nice going out late on a Monday night tho, makes the rest of the week seem reallllllllllyyyyy long!

I did the Friday night challenge on Sketchbook last week, but was to pre-occupied with Kylie to post it. It was to use Christmas patterned paper for a non- Christmas LO. I used polka dot paper & chipboard heart from Hedei Grace Jolly & Bright pack. The vines are felt from Arty Farty, very cool.

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