Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but it's been a busy week! We spent Christmas evening at the Thomsons new house in Waiukau & Christmas Day at Uncle Andrews in Helensville. Lots of food was eaten & full tummies all around, that's what Christmas is about! LOL! Mum & Dad arrived at 7am Christmas morning to watch the kids open their pressies, shocking I know! (I told them to arrive then, but didn't actally think they would make it!!!!!) Of'course the kids are never happy & still waned money to spend in the boxing day sales!!!! I bought a copy of Design Studio software for my Cricut& am very excited by what it can do, I don't know how I survived for so long with out it! Scott & I bought a few other things in the sales too, finally found some nice new shoes, yay. I can finally post the pics for the pressies I made for My & Scotts parents.....

The 1 on the left was for my parents. It started at the Sketchbook Camp with the class from Faye Gregory. However I din't like some bits of it, so I changed it. I am very happy with my result & mum & dad liked it. It's amazing how much has happened this year when you think about it.

The one on the right was for Scotts parents. It is a Kaiser wooden book with Kaiser Bohemian paper (I love this paper & have heaps of it!)

They are both quite different & were fun tomake for a change, but was glad to get back to normal scraping!!!


Anonymous said...

the coolest gifts to receive - are hand made -- thanks you i love it!!

Anonymous said...

it is the most presious of gifts when it is hand made with such talent1 thank you for sharing your time with us by making this for us- pam