Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long weekend is over :-(

We had a good weekend. On Saturday I slept in & then we went to Dress Mart & got Scott some new shoes. The kids really enjoyed being dragged around, NOT! They spent their pocket money on Friday night. Daniel got a Club Penguin thing & Nicola got a cute soft toy tiger which I have had to make a collar, lead & name badge for. I have been wanting a new pair of casual shoes & I didn't see anything I liked at Dress Mart so I spent Saturday night on the net researching, & look what I found! Aren't they cool? I got the black/silver ones. They are like Melissa's ones that I have been coveting. On Sunday we took the kids to the Botanical gardens in Manurewa, Nicola went there on her class trip on Friday so she wanted to show it to us. I got sun burnt!!!! Unfortunately the kids didn't feel like posing for photos so I still don't have 1 for the present I am making. Then we had friends over for the first BBQ of the season for dinner!!! Scott took Daniel to the annual geek fest (otherwise know as Armageddon) on Monday morning which Nicola & I watched Barbie movies from bed. Then we had MacDonald's Hot Cakes for breakfast & I didn't even make her get out of her PJ's (we drove through). Then the kids went to the park with Nana & Poppa in the afternoon. All round a great weekend, even the sun shone!
This is the LO I did over the weekend with one of my new Bo Bunny papers, Nicola 'helped'

Friday, October 23, 2009

Gingerbread Mans

Nicola's class was studying Fairy Tales last term, so 1 day they made Gingerbread men. (Nicola calls them mans) The colours are a bit off in this photo, it is more purple & pink. The gingerbread stickers are cut from some Christmas embellishments I had. This is the school frame I have been working on. Sorry the photo was taken through the glass. It is to record the changes in the kids through primary & Intermediate using the little photos you get & never use from school. I have also made one for Nicola. Now I need to find Daniels Year 1 photo, it will be around somewhere.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I made a card!!!

Those of you who know me know I don't do cards, hence I felt the need to post this 1. My girlfriends birthday is day after mine so we call each other 'almost twins'. I saw these stamps at Spotlight the other day & thought they were so cute. I so wish I looked like the 'stamp chick'! hehe

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's that time of the year again........

My birthday!!!! hehe. Look at all the lovely paper I got from Scrapbook Outlet from my lovely husband. It is mostly Bo Bunny paper & a bit of Glitz paper, with some Prima Pearls & a stamp. I LOVE the Bo Bunny paper, I saw it on Raewyn's blog & knew I had to have some. We have a pool so have heaps of water pics in summer & these papers will be great. And a really cool 12 x 12 stencil which I am dying to try my glimermist with.
My boss gave me the day off today so I spent the day with mum. We went to Joe's Emporium in Howick to look for inspiration for my idea of what I want to make Nicola for Xmas. So now I have it planned & materials bought. Mum bought me a cuttlebug for my birthday/xmas present. I gave her the alphabet dies that came with it for her, cos I have the Cricut. Daniel gave me a lovely picture saying I am the best mum in the world! Nicola gave some flowers & lots of cuddles & kisses. The in-laws gave me some money which has already been spent on scrapbooking stuff. And my BF gave me chocolate!!! We are off to dinner with the kids at Lone Star now :-) It has been a great day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's blog updating day

Everyone on facebook is updating their blogs so I thought I would too. It's sooo freezing today that huddling by the computer sounds like a great idea. It's supposed to be spring!! & it is only about 8 degrees.
Anyway.....these are the last two of my school LO's. I am now up-to-date!!!! I still have Daniel's hockey photo to do, but it can wait, I am sooo over these, they are very limiting. The silver didn't show up very well on this photo, some of the butterflies are silver foil. This is last years photo for Daniel, the card has all my gripes & complaints about how his year at school went, but is hidden because I don't really want it to be read by everybody, but I needed to say it.

In other news....we went to Nicola's friends place to watch the boxing on Saturday night, wow! what a match! Tua rocks!!!!! The kids were still up & playing nicely when we left at 11:30pm! They didn't even sleep in on Sunday morning, or have a nap (mummy & daddy did)