Monday, October 5, 2009

It's blog updating day

Everyone on facebook is updating their blogs so I thought I would too. It's sooo freezing today that huddling by the computer sounds like a great idea. It's supposed to be spring!! & it is only about 8 degrees.
Anyway.....these are the last two of my school LO's. I am now up-to-date!!!! I still have Daniel's hockey photo to do, but it can wait, I am sooo over these, they are very limiting. The silver didn't show up very well on this photo, some of the butterflies are silver foil. This is last years photo for Daniel, the card has all my gripes & complaints about how his year at school went, but is hidden because I don't really want it to be read by everybody, but I needed to say it.

In other news....we went to Nicola's friends place to watch the boxing on Saturday night, wow! what a match! Tua rocks!!!!! The kids were still up & playing nicely when we left at 11:30pm! They didn't even sleep in on Sunday morning, or have a nap (mummy & daddy did)

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