Monday, May 25, 2009

OMG!!!!!! I am speachless!

I won week 2 of the Crafty Tart Challenge!!!! I am in shock! I love my LO but wasn't sure if anyone else would get my sence of humour & it was so different to everyone elses. (I don't do shabby chic). Woohoo! (Doing happy dance)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

NZ's Top Trend Scrapper - Challenge 2

This week the challenge was to use packaging. I used a V can, can tabs & a V crate (for the 4 pack). This was a fun challenge & a very important LO to me. I had fun with the puns, the border is a slightly altered version of the song "100 bottles of beer on the wall".
In other news.....
It was Nicolas last day at Lighthouse Preschool on Friday. She has really enjoyed her time there & the staff feel almost like family. She even had a graduation ceremony which was so cute. I made my standard smiley face cake that the kids love, which is great cos it's so easy, cake out of packet, pour home made purple icing over & add smarties to create face. Tomorrow is the big party at Chipmunks & I have finally finished & filled the goodie tins. Cake number two was baked this morning before hockey & has been iced & decorated by Nicola & I this afternoon. I was worried cos she wanted a Dora cake, but when I went to get the tin it was already out for hire! So she is having a crown instead, well she is our princess. Big day on Monday!!!!
Daniel's hockey went really well today. It was a home game again & not raining! The final score was 12 - 1 with Daniel scoring one of those goals. He did really well today, got right in on the action, tackling, running, etc. I was so proud of him I made him my player of the day. We had a team lunch at MacDonald's afterwards which was really nice. Unfortunately there is no game next weekend cos of the public holiday, all the kids were disappointed so there will still be practise.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NZ's Top Trend Scrapper - Challenge 1

We had to use a page from a book. I used one of Dad's Motorcycle magazines to create a page with pics of my bro & me. Do you like my Post-It?
Daniels hockey went well again. They drew 4 all, the other team was much tougher this week, very good on defence.
I am not feeling the best, hopefully I am not getting a cold!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pics of Nicola's School Visits

Nicola on the playground with her class. She is the second from the right.Daniel & his best mate showing Nicola the playground at morning tea time.Nicola practicing her letters. Yes I know they are backwards, apparently this is quiet common.
My baby is getting so big!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It was a busy week

On Tuesday Nicola had her first school visit!!!! My baby is getting so big! She looked so cute in her uniform with the other kids. She even knows more of her letters & numbers than some of the other kids (woohoo to Lighthouse Preschool extension programme).
On Wednesday at Jazz we found out that her exam is gonna be in June. So the teacher is now just taking the 3 kids who are doing it separately to get ready for it.

Daniel's Hockey practice on Thursday went well. I am impressed by how much they are learning. Their coach is really good considering he hasn't coached before (yay Mark!!!)
The Hospital rang about Daniels medication. Both the teacher & I don't notice any difference while he is on them, so I we increase the dose or take him off them? We will have to talk to the Dr again.
Daniels team won their game again on Saturday, even tho they had to play in the pouring rain. Poor things looked like drowned rats! We spent the morning trying to find me a proper jacket to watch him in. Until now I just don't really go out when it is raining cats & dogs. Spent the whole morning, sorry but I refuse to pay $600 from Katmandu, I am only out there for an hour, not a week! In the end we got one from......The Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain)

I won the latest Stampin' Up! catalogue from Kellys blog which is cool, although I'm sure it's just a ploy to get me to buy more stamps........ ;-)
Danice had free tickets to the Queen tribute concert on Saturday night (her cousin is in the band) It was a fun evening spent in the back row singing & dancing our hearts out, helped along by the 'Raro' (Baquardi Breezer) Thanks James May.
I got a 'Pandora' Bracelet for Mothers Day from the kids & Scott (much better for the diet than chocolate) It is really cool with its 3 charms!
I have just finished my first LO for the Crafty Tart Trend Scrapper challenge. It is not what I would normally do, but I think it's came out well. Can't say much more until they are revealed on Crafty Tart except a big thank you to Dad. (I will explain next week)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Mega Crop

Finally finished the 2 LO I started last week at NZS. 2 pages, turned into 3. Nicola likes the paper doll of her, but she says her skin in browner, hehe. She helped with both of these pages, putting the metal frame on the right centre photo of her dancing & helping with the presents (note the Dora) in Santa's Sleigh.
We have just spent the afternoon at the Domain so I sure I will have some cute pics up soon from there.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daniel's Team won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today was Daniel's first game of mini hockey, 6-a-side. Daniel has just started playing for the Howick & Pakuranga Hockey Club. He is doing well (I think), they are all beginners. The main thing is to keep both hands on the stick & keep the stick down on the ground. Anyway at 12 noon we were out there in the rain, yelling our lungs out. His team won 5 to 4. Scott has some cool photos on his blog.
Ohhhhhhhhhh & I found UHU glue!!! The real good old UHU. I am so excited! However I do think it should say "use in well ventilated area" in English somewhere. I used it to almost finish some of my tins, it was much easier to use for sticking on the ribbons than the hot glue i was thinking of using. So some of them only need name tags now. But man I got a head ache from the UHU, but it's so awesome!!!!!!! (dunno if it's acid free Danice I can't read the label, it's not in English)