Thursday, June 28, 2012

Basic Grey Marrakech Layout

These photos are from our trip to South Africa when I was a kid.  It took awhile for me to be happy with it.  That Marrakech paper is perfect for the photos, but difficult to work with.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have finally finished making Daniels creeper.  It is made of stiffened felt, which is horrible to sew, but keeps the square, pixalated shape that he needed.  He is very happy :)
 Happy mail! 3 pairs of Blythe shoes & socks :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Baby

Nicola turned 8 last week! We went to see the Disney Classic Aristocats a the movies.  Unfortunately the cake pic is blurry but the kids ate it so fast I didn't have time for another shot.  We stuck to our tradition of letting kids decorate their own cakes, hers was obviously the girl kitten from the movie.

She was also a well deserved Player of the Day at hockey.  She played hard & even got a little bit hurt, her team mates looked after her :)

Blythe update.  I forgot to post the pic of the lips before any carving.  The hair/wigs arrived from eBay & they are more beautiful in real life than they looked on the net.  They are wigs, not re-roots.  They cover the whole head & you couldn't use them for pig tails & you can't expose ears as they end up under wig.   I am trying to do a French Roll hairstyle, I gave up....will try again later....... As you can see she is reattached to her body.  I had to get Scott to help me modify her stand cos I didn't like the way it looked over her dress, now you wont be able to see it once she is dressed.  I 'sleepy eyed' her, hence the 2 strings.  The shoes are purple Barbie shoes in the right style that I painted, they don't fit very well as Blythe has flat feet, not like Barbie (trying to decide if i amend her foot shape)  I am not overly happy with her lip colour but I got frustrated so this will do (Notice a common theme?)  I am enjoying sewing for her as I don't need to worry about how comfortable things are or how to get them on & off, she shall be sewn in (like Olivia Newton John in Grease) 
I see this new hobby of mine might be more than just the 2 dolls as originally planned.  I already have 2 more in design stages..........