Monday, March 30, 2009

4 more sleeps!!!

Hmmm....should I start panicking now? I haven't got anything organised, but then i am a procrastinator at packing. Paper is easy, but what else do I need? Costume organised, picking it up on way to camp. What else do I need? Need to make sure the batteries in my camera are charged.
Tomorrow is Walk-a-thon at Daniel's school. I am being a Marshall for them (just wish I had more notice, Daniel only gave me the notice from school on Friday!!, but it was dated the 19th of March, sigh) Daniels age group has to walk, no running allowed, 4 kms!
Just finished reading a really good book. 'Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex' Historical Romance, just what I like. This one had a lot of quotes from Leonardo da Vinci's note books & references to his painting. So I had to google them once I was finished the book, was really interesting. Funny how I was never interested in History at school, but am more interested now. Well worth a read.
Oh & did I mention our shower is leaking into Nicola's bedroom..... major bummer. Might have to ring someone.

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