Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blyh Middie is here!

I know she is a fake, but she is for my baby & I was interested in the differences between the very expensive 'real' Blythe dolls & a fake.  A 'real' Middie is 160USD & upwards, not including postage, this one was 20USD including postage.
 Hmmmm....I think a lot got lost in translation......Not how I would describe a Blythe.....
 First impressions.  She was selotaped into the box!!!!!!!!!  So she has sticky stuff on her legs.  She has ball jointed sholders which is not right, but cool.  She has tiny extra bits of plastic from molding on her hands & bottoms of feet, easy enough to remove.  Her hips are so well jointed she has difficulty standing up as her head is to heavy!  Knees don't bend.  Do those look like Blythe flat feet??? However will be easier to get her new shoes I think.  The dress was hideous & went straight in the bin.  She is 8" tall like the 'real' one.Hair is ok, but planning reroot anyway.  

This is exciting!  Her eyes change colour.  The 'real' Middie eyes only go side to side.  Colours aren't bad either.  Green/Turquoise; grey; blue/purple; pink.
I can't wait to pull her apart later tonight.


Tan said...

I am trying to find where you can buy these
where did you get her from? :) are you happy with her!

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

I got it off ebay USA. She is def not as good quality as the real Blythe dolls but MUCH cheaper!