Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yay! It's stopped raining!

It's supposed to be summer!!!!!!!!
We got Nicola's uniform for Jazz this week. OMG!!!!!! $161!!!!! I just about had a heart attack!!!!! & then we we got to class apparently it isn't compulsory for the under 5's! Oh well, done now & she does look so cute. I will take a pic this week.
Scott & I had a lovely nigh tout last night. We went for dinner with some friends to a restaurant on Princess Wharf - 'y-not' Why not? the service was slow, Scott's tuna was over cooked, the chocolate cake tasted like microwave instant pud & it was REALLY expensive!!!! However we still had a nice time = good company. Then we went for a boogie at Danny Douglins....... did I mention I had to buy new shoes? Well I didn't have any that go with my dress, honestly! But new shoes at Dannys is not a good idea, I kept being pushed & jostled (normal for Dannys) but my shoes didn't like the un-even, wet floor. But they are so pretty.....
Poor Nicola had a bit of an accident, somehow she managed to get the hook of her umbrella handle stuck in her mouth. It cut under her tongue & there was soooooo much blood & screaming. Doctor says she is ok; but she is, understandably, having dificulty eating. Poor baby :-(


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shoes!!!! Are they my size ;-) Brenda

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

Hmmm, dunno, what size are you?