Monday, January 26, 2009

What a wonderful weekend....

Scott & I had a wonderful, lazy Saturday as the kids went to church & then out 4 lunch with Nana & Popa. They came home at 6pm for a swim & BBQ. We also had Michael, Adele & baby Peter over which was nice. Nicola just loves 'her' baby Peter!!!

I finished the photos from the ferry the other day & am pleased with the result.

On Sunday we went to pick up Nicola's new bunk bed that we got for her from trademe. It took Scott & I the rest of the day to put it together, but it is so awesome & she loves it. It has a desk, drawers, bed on top & trundler underneath. But her favourite bit is the wardrobe behind it which she calls her hiding hole.

Today we went for a day trip to Snells Beach to visit friends. It was picture perfect weather again! & we went to the beach for awhile. I EVEN SWAM!!!!!!!! I can't remember the last time I swam in the sea, but it was so warm & the kids were having a ball. Nicola was swimming with me & Daniel was having a go at kayaking. There was only 1 capsize which was caused by Daniel trying to stand up while Dad was rowing!!! Poor Nicola just about drowned, but she was fine after a mummy cuddle.

Finally took pics of the calender I made 4 work & the LO I did ages ago of my grumpy boy.

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Anonymous said...

wow u r talented as a scrapbooker!!
thanks for the magazine i have a few layouts taged to do