Sunday, January 3, 2010

It started with a BANG!

2010 that is. Evan & Hanne came over for dinner then we put the kids to bed for a few hours. We woke them up at 11pm & went into the CBD to watch the fireworks off the Sky Tower at midnight. The kids really enjoyed being out that late at midnight, a very special treat for them. Mummy was a bit nervous about having them out with all the crazy people on New Year's Eve I was wondering what sights I might have to explain to them. Luckily we only encountered some bad language & people peeing in inappropriate places (they didn't notice that). Nicola had the time of her life being passed between her uncle & dad with her feet hardly touching the ground all night. Daniel just cuddled up on my lap trying to keep out of the breeze. I couldn't believe how many people were at the viaduct to welcome in the new year, it was amazing.
New Years day started with a sleep-in!!! What a great way to start the year!!! Then had a lazy day.
Yesterday Scott went fishing on his kayak in the morning & me & the kids hit the shops! I got some really good Xmas scrapbooking bargains from Spotlight; $56 worth of stuff for $14!!! I was looking for some stuff to finish making the bag I was supposed to have made for Nicola & Bronte for Xmas but didn't get around to it. Unfortunately they didn't have stuff I need at Spotlight or Warehouse & Specialty stores weren't open so we will have to wait till Tuesday :-( It's a bit annoying cos I have got sewing stuff everywhere but I don't wanna pack it away just to get it out again, but I might loose my enthusiasm before Tuesday, hehe.
Today was spent with Scott fishing again, this time in his friends tinnie. The kids & i went visiting & then came home for a swim. Had friends for take-aways for dinner & another swim. What an awesome summer!!

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