Sunday, May 20, 2012

More work on Blythe number 1

My first go at lip carving.  Basically get a small file & scrape.  I did have difficulty with symmetry, especially the nostrils. I took kept referring back to the photo of the finished lips I wanted to achieve.  I am thinking of adding teeth. I haven't been able to find much information on this. I wasn't sure if they are carved as well or added somehow. From what I can gather vampire teeth are carved into the lip, normal teeth are added later, modeled out of Fimo, so I am going to give that a go. 
To remove the eyes from inside the eye lids you have to "carefully unclip the white arc"  It was really tricky, but I got there eventually.  I did not continue & takes eyes apart as I did not see the reason. I 'boggled' the eyelids. I painted the eyelids white with the boys War Hammer paint, then coated them in tacky glue & dipped them in glitter.  Then I coated them in dimensional magic to keep the glitter on.  Removing the eyelashes was easy, just dampen & pull.  I replaced them new ones from the $2 shop, much better.  Second pair of handmade eye chips inserted.  My new wigs are on there way here...yay ebay again. 
In other news. We are rearranging the kids rooms.  Nicola wants a rainbow room, so this weekend we did some DIY art.  The first one is from Pinterest- melted crayons.  They are just Warehouse crayons.  I took the wrappers off as I was worried about them burning.  Mine isn't as neat as the original, but I still think it is cool. The second one needs her name written across the pink stripe still.  The third is Nicola's art about where rainbows come from.  The fourth is a t-shirt we made using the die I bought at Scotties the other week.  Nicola's design, mum just behind the needle, hehe.


Zealous Girl said...

WOW your crayon art looks AWESOME!! Must try that one day. What do you use to melt the crayons? Some type of heat gun???

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

they sais hair dryer, but I used my heat gun as it eas faster, not something kids can help with as the wax splatters a bit