Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Summer Hockey.....

So have you noticed I have been rather quiet on this subject lately? Well....they have lost the last 2 games! The funny thing is I think the parents are more upset than the kids, lol. They don't seem to mind at all, but us parents are getting frustrated at how uncommitted & unenthusiastic they are. Daniel still want to play every week, but misses having a practise as well as a game. He saved 4 goals (playing goalie) this week, so that was good as we have always been a bit bad on defence. So I told him that Scott had to go to a dinner cos he was nominated for an award the other night & Daniel asked if he would get a medal if he won. I said no, probably nothing but a certificate & shake of the hand. i said the only time adults get medals is in the Olympics & he said that was ok cos he is gonna be in the Black Sticks! What an awesome life goal! I said "go for it!"
Update on Scott. He is back at work full time & has finally figured out the stupid blood machine to check his INR levels at home. He is getting alot more active, but still not really up to kayaking (although he wishes he was!) Thanks for everyone's thoughts and payers through our difficult time.

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