Monday, May 24, 2010

Our baby is 6!!!!!

Today is Nicola's 6th birthday. Wow my baby is growing up so fast. Apparently we are to call her Princess Pinkie-Pie Nicola, hehe. I finally finished her 5 year old party album & gave it to her today. She wanted to hold it for the photos.May has been a very busy month. Nicola got a bad cold & required 3 days off school. Then, of'course, mum & dad got sick but we had to keep going to work. Daniel had school camp the following week but seemed to not get sick. I figured he was to excited to get sick. I can't tell you anything about camp except that we got a call saying he was sick & did we want him to come home early. Scott talked to Daniel & he wanted to stay so he did. But when I picked him up from the bus he had no voice & had been sleeping with the parents/teachers & being dosed up on Pamol. The only thing he said was "It was ok, can we go home now?" He has said nothing else.
This past weekend I went away for the weekend, SCRAPBOOKNG!! It was only us 5 girls & we had a great time scraping, talking, & eating. I got heaps done including finishing Nicola's birthday album as above, the drawers for my second advent calender & the start of a couple of LO's. I will post them once they are finished.

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